Meet nicki odom

When I was a little girl, playing dress up was what I looked forward to every single day.

To feel beautiful, fancy, put together, and express who I am or want to be through what I was wearing gave me a sense of freedom and artful expression, even at a young age. My mother can tell you I have surely gone through phases, but little did I know at the time that it was expressing myself as an individual and being a trendsetter. When I would play dress up (Pretty Pretty Princess was my jam starting from at least 4 years old) I would get a little bossy with my friends because I felt I wanted to extend my fashion wisdom. I wanted to style them too! I just love how an outfit can come together and how it can make you feel so beautiful even when you are feeling your worst. 

As I got older, I would get more and more attention around my choice of wardrobe or outfits. Compliments and criticisms never stopped me being who I am. For me, choosing an outfit feels like painting a picture of yourself. Each brush stroke equals a styled feature like earrings, shoes, how I'll wear my hair today. All of these decisions add up to one portrait of me, and if I can inspire anyone out there through my blog to dress a certain way my advice will always be to not forget your individuality. You can be a trendsetter, trend follower, "basic," or whatever way you want to put it, as long as you don't stop being true to yourself and your own self portrait.


I later developed an eye for interior design, and furniture DIY design when I got older and had my own homes to furnish and little to no money to do it. I began finding great pieces at thrift shops and redesigning for my taste to fill my home. It has truly grown to be a huge passion of mine and I love sharing my DIY wisdom with others!

I married my high school sweetheart in 2016 and we welcomed our first baby into the world in 2018. We are expecting our second mini-Odom this summer, June 2020.


Planning my own wedding, and attempting to DIY most of it was one spark that ignited this amazing leap of faith of sharing my stories with you. I have been an avid fashion lover and DIY-er since as long as I can remember. Morgan is literally my biggest supporter, as in, everything new that comes out that could help make my projects faster, more efficient or just plain easier, he's the first one in line to get it for me. Just seeing his excitement and pride when he shows our friends and family my projects is one of my biggest motivators to keep creating.

I have the most creative mother in the world and she will forever be my greatest inspiration. She has never discouraged me for going after what I want and taught me what it means to explore, experience, and live life to the fullest. She is basically my Lorelai Gilmore.

This blog is for those who love fashion, love to DIY, party, and learn! Life doesn't always give you lemons. So you have to make lemonade your own way. If you're someone that can make lemonade out of scraps, paint, old clothes, and furniture then you are in the right place. You will find many ways possible to make your own metaphorical lemonade for cheap (but not cheap looking) home decor, fashion, and party decor through my own personal projects and tutorials.

My hope is for my posts to blossom into joy, confidence, creativity, and inspiration for someone out there. 

Thanks for being here!

Nicki <3



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