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Today marks the first annual anniversary of Salty Pink Pineapple!

They say time flies when you're having fun and launching this blog on this day last year started the most excited journey I hope lasts for many more years to come! This has been one fast year of amazing new discoveries about myself and new connections with fellow bloggers. The blogging world has truly opened up a more imaginative side for me and helped fuel deeper digging of creative juices for me and my SPP helpers. Between taking on new DIY projects, style tips, and party inspiration, SPP has truly been a blessing for molding who I want to be. I aim to inspire others with every post and can only hope that outcome is achieved. Blogging can be vulnerable, which is something that is completely out of my comfort zone, but I've found this outlet has helped me break through that boundary little by little.

From the moment I pressed "Publish" one year ago today SPP has taken on a life of fashion, DIY, and many fun filled posts that you, as readers, have responded to. I write them thinking about what I love to read and how I hope to come across to readers. I wish to help anyone who is looking to learn how to remake their own furniture or put together the most fashionable outfit, but I've also opened up about my journey into motherhood. My family is about to embark on a huge new chapter of bringing a little girl into the world (literally any day now) and sharing this journey with you all has been the most rewarding of all my posts so far. I cannot wait until she makes her debut and joins the Salty Pink Pineapple team. You all have been such a great audience and I hope to expand my connection of fellow bloggers into the mommy blogging world as well! It is so humbling to think about how far we've come. I still remember the days I prayed for what I have now. God is truly great!

In honor of a year of Salty Pink Pineapple, I've strolled down memory lane and revisited some of my favorite posts or moments of SPP. See below!

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What were your favorite SPP moments? Shoot me an email and let me know! Also, if you have any projects you find fun or interesting I would love to hear them! I love new challenges. Although renovating furniture is where my heart lies, I also love taking on new DIY projects I've never tried before! Due to all the craziness happening in my personal life I haven't had a lot of time to spend on DIY projects over the past few months, but that will soon change once baby C is here!

I'm also excited to say that I will be focusing on upping my YouTube videos this year to outline my projects a little more in detail. I have become obsessed with YouTube following almost as much as watching Netflix so I'm hoping getting my projects in video form with help inspire DIY projects even more! Staying along the theme of videos, I'm also challenging myself to do more Lives on Facebook and Instagram throughout the year to become even more connected with you all!

We decided to celebrate our 1 Year Blogiversary by going to a local nursery and finding some beautiful new greenery for our back porch. As you can see, the choices were amazing and everything was in full bloom so it took us forever to pick ours out. Funny side note, I was hoping you couldn't tell in the pictures, but I know you can in the ones with the sunglasses on, right before capturing our 1 year photos, I got a surprise hose attack ALL down by backside!! Someone working in the nursery was going to water some of the plants and when he turned the hose on it was pointed straight at me and soaked me completely from neck to feet HAHA! It was very cold and shocking, but Morgan and I laughed about it and the man was very apologetic. I really wish Morgan would have got the pictures in action! It is something we will remember forever because my outfit, from behind at least, became a wet t-shirt contest kind of vibe if you know what I mean..... hahah. But I would be darned if I didn't get my Blogiversary picture so we just went with it and laughed about it for the rest of the day.

I am so looking forward to what this next year is going to bring! Our family is expanding and so is SPP! More info to come on that very soon but I hope you all continue to follow and stay engaged and inspired with all of the variety of posts. Every time I get a compliment, suggestion, or even just new followers is confirmation that we are doing something right. I hope you all share with others to subscribe and follow along the blog as we grow and expand throughout the exciting new year!

Thank you so much for reading! Love you guys!!



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