Huntington Beach State Park, SC

The next few posts are my explorations through the beautiful Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC. Let me just preface this by saying there is a CASTLE!! Yes ya'll, and it was so interesting to learn about! More information will be coming up in my next post but this one is all about my husband and I exploring the trails and hitting the beach! If you are ever in Myrtle Beach, or even south of that, you have got to visit Huntington Beach State Park. It's a little hidden gem. I am an all around Carolina girl so I grew up going to Myrtle Beach and have always felt like I had seen it all when it came to exploring the Myrtle Beach area but this place was well worth the trip! It is packed with wildlife, walking trails, exhibits, two beautiful beach accesses, and did I mention a CASTLE?!

We explored a few trails but didn't take us long to want to head to the beach to get down to our skivvies. I was so comfortable in my JustFab One Piece I decided to layer a white skirt over it to make things easy breezy for exploring and relaxing. Of course I don't ever head to the beach unless I have my favorite beach bag from Spartina that my mother-in-law gave me! It's so perfect and has a perfect embroidered mermaid on the front! Seriously though you all will be seeing many future posts featuring Spartina because they have the most absolutely adorable products for all occasions, especially your mermaid lovers and beach goers. The Spartina link will actually take you to the Beach Cooler version of this bag because mine is no longer there but I wanted you to have the opportunity to get on like it! I love it so much.

Aside from my favorite beach bag, no beach trip is complete without a good pair of sunnies and the classic look of this one-piece pairs perfectly with my new tortoise cat-eye Kate Spade sunglasses. Mine are not prescription however, this link takes you to this exact pair. I found this gem at the Kate Spade outlet so unfortunately I do not have a direct link to them. Tortoise shell sunnies are a must for the summer because they will basically go with everything!

We made our way to the beach and found a nice little spot by the dunes and did some people watching for a little while. It was an extremely hot day, and as we both had been out in the sun the day before, me sunbathing and he golfing, we decided to leave after an hour to get re-hydrated. There is nothing more important than drinking tons and tons of water when you spend the day at the beach as you don't realize just hot much the sun takes out of you! I was a little nervous before taking these pictures because I am VERY self conscious about my body when it comes to being photographed in a bathing suit. I really don't mind being photographed in outfits and clothes, in fact I LOVE it mainly because I find comfortable and confidence in myself stronger when I'm well dressed.

With only a bathing suit I feel in a sense I have nothing to "hide" under so it was just a very nerve racking and shy beginning to a shoot. Since this was a date day my husband so graciously was my photographer and somewhere between him yelling "I don't understand why you're so nervous, you look sexy!" and these kids building a sand castle like 20 feet to the left, I busted out laughing and couldn't help but forget about the nerves and what people might think and just decided to be myself. God mad me the way I am for a reason and if I can inspire even one person to be confident in him or herself then I will feel happily accomplished. :)

We wrapped up our pictures, cooled our feet off in the wake a little, and headed on to the next adventure! I would love for you all to share any hidden gems you may have explored along the South Carolina coast! My husband and I are making an adventure out of it this summer, to explore different beaches and sites along the coast, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Huntington Beach State Park exploration and tune in to the next blog for more sites and the Atalaya (castle) feature!

--Stay salty my friends XOXO--


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