4th of July in Southport NC

The 4th of July is one of those holidays that I look forward to every single year. It's a time where family and friends get together, eat a lot of food, go swimming, catch up on the latest with each other, watch fireworks, parades, and so much more. For years now my family has spent Independence Day in Southport since my parents have their boat docked in the marina. This year, even though we did not have the greatest weather during the second half of our day, and the next few days, we still had a lot of fun hanging out and eating some yummy food with family! Caroline, being more mobile now, got to explore a little more on the boat and was worn out completely at the end of every day which is a big win.

Southport is always a fun place to spend with the family on 4th of July because there is so much to do. They used to have an area for kids to do crafts and get little freebies, but they did not have that this year which was a little disappointing. There were some amazing vendors at the 4th Fest this year too. Vendors come from all over the Carolinas to show off their work and it's amazing to see. So we strolled around and shopped after the parade, went and got the best hot dogs at Trolly Stop, who, by the way, has truly amazing soft serve ice cream as well, and then went back to my parent's boat to get on our bathing suits.

My mom always fills up baby pools and sets them up on the dock next to their boat for the kids to cool off in and we usually head to the beach for a little while but this year the weather unfortunately did not cooperate like past years and we got rained out. Even the fireworks got rained out unfortunately. But we still had an amazing time hanging out and catching up with family. The kids did get to light some sparklers, and that was Caroline's time being around sparklers, and I'm not really sure how she felt. She seemed a little confused or mesmerized, but was not as excited as I thought she would be. But the kids went nuts over them so that was fun to watch.

We spent the next couple of rainy/stormy days swimming in indoor hotel pools and walking around town in the rain. I haven't been brave enough to bring my camera out in the rain yet or I would've tried to get some cute shots of that. Morgan absolutely loves the rain, and so do I but in this case I knew Caroline wouldn't last long so we didn't spend too much time in it. During one of our walks we stopped into Potters Seafood to pick up some shrimp and scallops for dinner. If you are any kind of seafood lover and would like the freshest catch you can cook up yourself, do not skip out on Potters because they have THE best fresh seafood everytime we go. Also, go early because they do sell out!!

Saturday was Morgan's birthday so we had a great lunch at Fishy Fishy in Southport and then took off to stay with his dad in Myrtle for the rest of the weekend. We had such a fun holiday weekend beach hopping we might make it a tradition from now on! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, now who else feels like they're ready for Christmas?! :)

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