Top 5 Most "Instagrammable" Spots in Fayetteville NC

Being born and raised in Fayetteville, I've had the pleasure of watching it evolve over time with places coming and going, new businesses arising, and now that I'm deep in the blogging world, there's so much more I've discovered that I love about this town. The color movement is strong downtown and I love searching for new fun spots to snap a picture or do an impromptu photoshoot. Color is MY LIFE so when I get a new sassy outfit I have to seek out the perfect spot to express my creativity in my favorite way.

So I have rounded up my favorite color popped spots in Fayetteville for you and I hope you get the chance to let loose and have your own photoshoot! Enjoy.

1. Blue and White Stripe Wall - Downtown

This little striped wall is part of a larger, beautiful mural by Dare Coulter on the back of The Capitol Encore Academy Building in downtown Fayetteville. It adds a surprise factor when you round the corner of Old street, and has so many color aspects to it that there are multiple options for colorful backgrounds.

2. Rainbow Wall - Tap House Alley

This has been one of my favorite spots of visit when I need some color in my life and of course, my Instagram feed! It's got the major colors of the rainbow spread across an entire alley which makes it one of the most unexpected nooks in downtown Fayetteville. There has been a couple art installations at this spot over time including the first colorful umbrellas installment, followed by the rainbow ribbons. It's a breezy, perfectly lit at the right time of day, spot for any blogger to snap the perfect pics for posting!

3. Greg's Art Pottery & Gifts Store Front

Greg's Pottery has the prettiest color combinations right on the doorsteps offering a fun, spontaneous photoshoot to all its passersby. Either doorway will give you a bright pop of color so wear something cute, and snap a shot before going in and creating something especially made by you!

4. Wing Mural - Greg's Art Pottery Gifts

After you're done making some cool pottery, sneak around the side of the building to spread your creative wings even further in front of the beautiful wing murals. There's one for adults and one for the little ones so everyone gets an adorable photo to capture the memory of visiting Greg's Pottery.

5. Fayetteville Transit Station

The new FAST Transit Station in downtown Fayetteville has finally finished and offers great public transportation for all areas around the city. Near the pickup area, there are two large, grass-like installations that offer a perfect green back drop for a fun Instagram snap. I loved the little yellow daisies planted in front too. We had fun doing this photo shoot, just be careful because we were told before we left that we had to have a permit on city property, and to steer clear of the security cameras. I have never been told that anywhere I've taken pictures around town but I know the security guard has to do his job! Anywho, we have fun getting these shots in. :)

These are some of my favorite spots to frequent to add a pop of color into my Instagram feed. There are a few more spots to mention like the entry to the new Fayetteville Woodpeckers baseball game at Segra Stadium. Also, there are multiple colorful art installations around Hay street that are cute and fun to add to your feed. I love when new areas of color pop up around town, and a great company to thank for that is Meraki Creative Agency. I always get excited when I hear of a new spot they've spruced up with their talents. If you live around the Fayetteville area I hope you taken advantage of these spots and have some fun with it!

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