Baby Girl Bohemian Nursery

I am so excited about this little nursery I got to create for my first baby! It is literally my favorite room in the house now. Sometimes I just go in there and sit in anticipation of her arrival and spending time in there herself.

Putting this bohemian-chic nursery together would NOT have been possible if it weren't for my mom and the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for! I know I can't tag people in the blog but I want to give credit where its due and it so is! First off, my fellow DIYer Ashley created the beautiful floral and lace mobile you see hanging over the crib. I had been looking at so many ideas and gathered some supplies, but could never commit to a design or find the energy to complete the project. I love how our creative preferences are so spot on the same because I think it is absolutely dreamy! It goes perfectly with the bedding and is the most beautiful focal point for the theme of the nursery. She also made the dream catcher canvas with Dream Big Little One, which I love, hanging over her crib as well. Samantha gave me the floral arrangement hanging below the dream catcher canvas that they added lace and feathers to so it would match back to the mobile. And Leah hand drew the GORGEOUS boho skull and horns canvas that is above the changing table. She sells her drawings in her Etsy shop, you should definitely check out here!

The nursery is currently sharing our guest room so it's a little tight with a queen bed in there but it's for only one more year and she'll have more space when she's crawling around and getting into things. Plus, we like the idea of having that in there for now for our "taking turns" to let the other adult sleep that people keep recommending to us.

It has been the truest labor of love and it makes me so happy to just go and sit in there in anticipation of all the memories we're about to make.

Shop some of my favorite items from the room:

Crib | Bedding | Crib Skirt | Pom Basket | Flamingo Pillow Cover | Pineapple Pillow Cover | Arrow | Unicorn Succulent |

Mom made these adorable organizational baskets from old shoeboxes and material! She used random material scraps and glued them around the outside of the box and lined the inside as well. Perfect for helping me keep all the little pieces as organized as possible for as long as I can! The super cute floral rocking chair sitting next to the white dresser (which is also a refinished product of mine) was mine from when I was a toddler that my mother took and reupholstered to match the theme of the room. That DIY is coming to the blog soon as well as two others created special for this baby's room!

The shelves you see below were my own DIY I made from curtain rods, shelf brackets, and the table flaps from the DIY Tea Cart I refinished last Fall. I repainted the pieces of wood with a rustic white chalk paint, added the shelf brackets onto the wood pieces first, and secure the curtain rod brackets next to the shelf brackets where the curtain rod would hang. Then I screwed it into the wall at the heights I wanted. I love how it turn out and wish the shelves were longer! She's not even here yet and already has a wardrobe that rivals her mommy. :)

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