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The moment I found out I was pregnant it was all-hands-on-deck, hit-the-ground-running, pinterest-all-day-every-day, planning for becoming a mama. If you kept up with recent posts, I've repeatedly said I've dreamt about being a mom since I can remember. I wanted to be just like my mom, fun, adventurous, active, and definitely NOT boring. So I knew I wanted to be a traveling, adventuring family as long as we have the means to do it. That said, I always try to find things that make life-on-the-go much simpler for us, thus the DockATot was one of the FIRST things I knew I had to have.

Caroline loves hanging out in her dock at home while I work at the computer or while I'm doing dishes. She just babbles and kicks and has fallen asleep multiple times while laying around the house. Aside from the great uses we get at home, we truly love the DockATot for being assured she will have a comfortable place to sleep where ever we go. It's perfect for those naps that sometimes are a struggle to get her to take, but with her dock she just snuggles in and sleeps peacefully. Of course, when mommy gets the camera out she has to ham it up for me everytime as you can see in the pictures, but she really does get great sleep in it!

You can see she feels as cozy as ever when she hangs out in her dock, though, which is why we love taking it everywhere. The fabric is very soft and can easily be washed after those oopsie spit-ups, and they provide you with a cardboard insert you keep so you can be sure the shape doesn't wilt or get ruined while transporting! We love the fun palm print on it as well. It fits our family perfectly being beach lovers and all. :)

We can also give her some tummy time in her dock which Caroline is getting better and better at. We've taken it with us on boat trips, beach trips, picnics by the lake, and weekend getaways in hotels where she co-slept with us in the hotel king bed. I think she just feels very cuddled and snuggly when she's in it which is why we LOVE having it. Nothing is worse than a sad uncomfortable baby but Caroline has yet to show any signs of not liking her dock. It's definitely something I would recommend having as a mama, or getting for someone that is expecting because it's so helpful.

The Deluxe + will be great until she is about 8 months (although she's going on 5 months and feet are already almost over the edge) and then we will upgrade to the Grand Dock for 9 months and on. We will keep the Deluxe for future little ones to come so we will have both to make our trips so much easier and comfortable!

I feel so lucky that we got our Deluxe + Dock and Travel Bag compliments of DockATot! I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I may or may not have used the comfy edging of the dock as a pillow when we've co-slept in the hotels and it might of been some of the best sleep I got in a while. :) It's fun living in a mama era where wonderful items like these have been invented.

One other item I must share with all the mamas out there is the coveted Shop Binxy shopping cart hammock for baby. It is soo convenient to take to the store especially when you plan on a larger shopping trip. It just snaps onto the shopping cart and baby lays in it comfortably while you shop. It allows you to still use all of the space underneath in the cart for your purchases while baby is comfortable and safe. Caroline loves it and I am going to be extremely sad when she grows out if it!

Share this post with someone you think has a little one that would benefit from the DockATot or Shop Binxy. There are still many people out there who never heard of it and think they are so awesome when I show them. Your friends will love you for recommending I promise!

Happy Thursday friends <3

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