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Happy Friday friends!

I just want to preface this with, all thoughts and opinions on this post are my own! Any facts I include are public knowledge, but my opinions are all me!

Mama life has brought on endless amounts of new things to learn and experience. Morgan and I are a couple that always needs to be doing something. Every once in a while we love our lazy weekends at home, but we get cabin fever very easily so we always try to have little activities or getaways in our back pocket. Since we've had Caroline we found that being as mobile as we used to be was a completely different story, and forget packing like we used to because just with the stroller alone we can hardly fit suitcases in the car!

I knew I wanted to be a baby wearer because I want my little sweetness as close to me as much as possible. We ended up getting one right after Caroline was born, but unfortunately it was a thicker jersey material and between post partum hormones, over-heating, and what seems to be an inherited warm bodied baby, we would sweat to death every time I carried her in it. Needless to say she would not last very long in it and it mad me so sad!

Enter, Pura Vida Slings <3

This sling is a mama life game changer for me because we are ALWAYS on the go and sometimes I just need an easier way to bring Caroline along than always getting the stroller out and lugging the carseat around. There are so many things WE love (yes me AND Morgan have used it!) about this baby carrier I hope I hit them all because this sling should not be overlooked by any mama looking for specific essentials to make baby life easier. This sling is so light weight, it is made with bamboo fabric which is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, and actually wicks moisture away from the skin! Definitely one of the reasons why we love it because we're not sweating all over each other. Also, did you know bamboo also offers UV protection?? It cuts out 97.5% of harmful rays! I feel more assured when I have her out in the sunshine that she is protected. It's also mixed with linen which is basically one of the most long lasting fabrics out there! It's wonderful because of how strong it is and it won't stretch out. Just another way I feel rest assured baby girl is safe and held in tightly. I know these facts are true because I have now used this sling many, many different times, almost daily when we take the puppy on long walks, and we are both perfectly comfortable!

They send really easy to follow directions and it comes in the cutest little travel backpack so you can take it everywhere with you. You can see pics below of me getting it set to mine and baby girl's liking. Since that first day I received it and used it I think we've only fully re-adjusted it one other time. There are also great video tutorials that the owner, Anne, created to better understand the many ways to wear/use the sling. She is basically mom goals because she has the cutest family, rocks the sickest tattoo sleeve, and created this amazing sling.

This carrier is a must have for mama's like me who care about what they look like in public too! With this I don't have to worry about looking dumpy, or like I'm in a straight jacket. I chose the Pink Sunset color option because, duh, PINK! And the ombre detail is gorgeously dyed on the fabric and is super fashionable! Another thing that really draws the eye is the rose gold rings they use for these slings. Most slings/baby carriers come with plain, bulky, plastic rings, but this sling has too much style for all that :).

I am telling you ladies, or gentlemen, honestly anyone can wear this sling, or if you're looking to get an expecting mama a gift you'll see her use over and over this is the one!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be assistant shooting a wedding this weekend so wish me luck!

Fun family outing <3

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