Babymoon on a Budget

It's no secret that getting pregnant brings on some major life changes for most, especially first time moms and dads. For moms, not only are we constantly thinking or stressing about the list of things to accomplish (a list that never seems to have an end) to prepare for baby, but on top of that our bodies are going through some pretty amazing, major changes. We have to mentally and emotionally adjust everyday we wake up to the fact that there is a human being growing daily inside of our stomachs. When I get up in the morning, I've started a routine where I sit up (usually includes a forceful kick-out with the left leg to gain momentum for my left side obliques using whatever muscle is left in there to hoist my giant mama womb up into a sitting position), stretch my arms and shoulders out, and say good morning to my little girl while sitting on the edge of my bed looking down at nothing but a big, freckled, watermelon belly. I don't want to forget what it was like to grow her inside of me, but at the same time, I'm so ready to keep that morning routine and look into her beautiful blue (if she gets daddy's eyes), hazel (if she gets momma's eyes), or brown eyes when I wake up. Pregnancy tends to overshadow a lot of things for 9 months as it causes for a lot of stress, anxiety, happiness, excitement, the epitome of an emotional roller coaster that you and your spouse go through when thinking about bringing a child into the world. This often will cause your relationship to go on hold and take the back seat because when you're not thinking about baby stuff you're literally too exhausted to do anything else.

So we decided we needed this "Babymoon" to spend some quality time away from our home and the piled high baby clothes and boxed baby gizmos and gadgets, to really reconnect and think about each other for a change. In just a few short weeks our world will be forever changed, and although we're both eager to face it together, we don't want to loose what it felt like to just be Nicki and Morgan. It's been that way for so long, we KNOW this will be a huge lifestyle rocker for us. As we have been baby prepping we've been slowly stashing away any and all extra cash for those rainy days so we really did not want to spend a lot of money to take our babymoon. I've listed a few options including what we did below to take your babymoon on a huge budget!

Have a Free or Budget Friendly Babymoon:

1. Plan your trip around visiting family. This is what we did. We are lucky enough to have most family members living on the coast which allowed us that beach R&R we were hoping for, but obviously saved us a lot of money of hotels and food. Really all we had to pay for was gas and boarding our pup for the week. Even boarding the pup wasn't bad because our second stop with family allowed us to bring her with. Make sure you plan out your days with the family but also a lot of time with your spouse because you don't want to forget the main reason you are there. Visiting family is just a bonus that both parties get to enjoy.

2. Plan a staycation at home. This is another great way to ensure you're not spending money but still carving out quality time with your SO. Plan a movie marathon you both will enjoy, light candles every night, take long walks or hit the gym together, or do things that make you both happy and try not to think about all the baby stress. Not a lot of people are able to just relax when they're at home because they think they should be cleaning or fixing something, but really make it a point to focus on each other rather than the hustle of other things that need to be done.

3. Find a destination that is driving distance, and book a hotel through Groupon to get a great deal. Where ever your destination may be, try and plan out a lot of sight seeing for the two of you and maybe only 1 nice dinner out while the rest you bring food and have nights in together. Maybe try to find a hotel with an indoor pool to have some fun play time. Even if it's just for a short weekend, take time together to go on a little road trip and be in the moment with one another.

What did we try not to do?

We really tried to focus on each other and not participate in a lot of baby talk. That would be the only drawback to staying with family because they aren't consumed by baby stuff all the time, they're just really excited and want to know how everything has been going so we did have to have a little baby talk along the trip. When we could really help it, though, we spent time cuddling on the couch, watching some golf ( AKA Morgan watching golf and me napping), or taking afternoon beach strolls and reminiscing about the old days.

All in all we know it was worth it to take this trip together because we know we are ready to be parents. Taking a babymoon is a great way to connect with one another in starting of a new chapter, your new family, and really to us feeling like we have truly made it to adulthood. I think we were hoping to stay in Never Never Land as long as possible together but now we get to show our baby girl how to live and what it means to stay young at heart.

On our trip we talked about how it feels like just yesterday we were leaving high school, embarking on our "next journey" together of college. Then we graduated college and started our "next journey" of moving in together, then engagement, then marriage. Every new big event brings the "next chapter" like a favorite novel you can't put down. That favorite novel that makes you cry, laugh, sweat, feel anxious, and happy all at the same time. Life is funny in that way. We enter into our "next journey's" or chapters and feel like that is it for us, but seldom do we realize that was just a tiny chapter in the never ending novel of our lives. I think we are about to being our favorite chapter thus far.



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