Boho Chic Baby Shower

First of all, let me preface this with the fact that I have the most amazing, creative, beautiful minded friends and family on the planet. Second of all, I feel so blessed to have that privilege because I am constantly receiving love in ways I could never imagine, including the baby shower of my Pinterest dreams! :) They know how much I love to be crafty, and also how much I love to be involved, so from day one my best friend asked me what kind of baby shower I wanted and all I did was send her and my friends some pictures of what I envisioned and MAN did they have a successful PINTEREST WIN! I tried to get some great snaps (with the good camera) but a few of these are just phone taken pictures

From the moment you walked in you were greeted by gorgeously designed chalkboard messages welcoming you and giving direction to pick up a flower crown of your choosing to wear during the shower. Everything was adorned with flowers of all kinds, gold tipped feathers, and whimsy. Exactly what I was dreaming of!

They had a special "royal" flower crown for me, which was a large statement piece that went perfectly!! I knew I wanted to wear either a flower printed, or lace dress to my shower, and had THE HARDEST time finding one I

a.) felt comfortable in

b.) matched my style

c.) went with the bohemian chic theme

and I was very happy with how it turned out. Would you believe I found this dress at Forever 21?! They are unfortunately sold out of my dress but I have linked other options I think would go great as well here and here.

Take a look at all the details that went into making this shower the absolute perfect bohemian paradise I was hoping for. The adorable teepee shown below was HANDMADE by my mom who is SUPER talented when it comes to DIY (go figure). I'm hoping to get a little tutorial on how she did it step by step for you guys soon. So much love went into that for her upcoming grandbaby and I know baby C will enjoying laying and playing in it for years to come.

Handmade items are so special and I can't wait to share with you all baby C's nursery soon! My friends and family went all out with one of a kind handmade items for her nursery as well!! Pretty much most decor you see in the pictures were either hand sewn, painted, drawn, or added onto items that were ordered. All perfect, all for little loved baby Odom.

The game was such a cute idea as well. I have been to MANY baby showers and had never seen this game before and I loved it. Instead of decorating onesies, everyone decorated newborn diapers with paint and markers for those "late night diaper changes" to keep mom and dad encouraged or laughing while doing it. Let me tell you, the guests did not disappoint. When I got home and started organizing things and read through all of the diapers I laughed out loud at most of them. Some were actually very sweet.

I loved the floral decor that was hung from the mantel piece. I've reused this in baby C's nursery on the wall over her crib. My friend, Ashley, made this amazing floral and feather mobile that is now hanging directly over baby C's crib as well. They kept the flowers matching throughout all the decor while still adding some new here and there to bring out the wild and whimsy aesthetic. You can see the talented ladies below responsible for it all! Not pictured are my mom and other moms that helped as well.

Thank you ladies, I love you all so much!

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