Creative Wooden Climbing toys from Wiwiurka

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I knew from the moment I laid in the hospital bed looking at Caroline's sweet, beautiful face, that I wanted to give her the world. I wanted to teach her every moment I could and support her in anyway she needed, and watch her grow into the wonderful woman God has planned for her to be. When it comes to teaching and inspiring, my family has always been big on independence and allowing little ones to explore and learn on their own. Sure, parents are there as guides, but ultimately it is up to the little one to decide how they learn and what works best for them. My mom was a Montessori teacher at a preschool here in my hometown so that is how we also learned growing up. If you're not familiar with Montessori, in a nutshell it is giving the child tools to learn certain skills and allowing them to discover the new skills themselves. It's about the child being more hands-on rather than someone teaching them something directly. I believe it truly enhances a child's confidence in independent exploration, promotes active and creative play, specifically gross motor development. That is why, when we found Wiwiurka Toys I had the immediate urge to order everything on their page for Caroline.

Her favorite is definitely the rocker so far. She loves rocking in it and has become more confident with climbing over it when we turn it upside down. She was a little hesitant about the Pikler Triangle, I think mainly because she is still working on strength and balance, but she has been practicing on it for a month now, and she can now climb to the top and can almost get over without help.

These were two of the first items to go in her playroom and have already kept her busy for hours on end. I can't wait to watch her teach her little sister how to use these! They have definitely been the highlight of her Christmas gifts. The craftsmanship on these items are so well made and were pretty straight forward with assembly. If you have questions the Wiwiurka Team is so responsive and helpful. It was such a great decision to get this for Caroline because the joy I feel from watching Caroline gain confidence as she grows and learns on her own is so special. I can just imagine all the forts, tea parties, lemonade stands, and many more worlds she'll create with these as she gets older.

The colors match her playroom perfectly too. We still have a little ways to go with finishing her play room completely, but I love the it acts as the first theme setting for her fun, imaginative play. Listening to Caroline in thee playing by herself and laughing, or clapping for herself, is one of the best feelings for me. We will definitely be adding more creative pieces like these to her play area very soon!

If you're looking for some fun activities for your little ones I hope you find something you like with Wiwuirka. You can also see some other fun toys Caroline enjoys in this previous post.

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