Magical Unicorn Rainbow Party

For my niece's 7th birthday she REALLY wanted a magical, unicorn, rainbow party, and of course her Aunt Nicki was totally on board whenever unicorns are involved! Literally EVERYTHING I used to make this party and decor was from the Dollar Tree! It's crazy the things you can find in there for only $1!!

I had so much fun making this little unicorn birthday crown out of:

- a Happy Birthday headband

- felt squares

- foam squares

- floral wire

- pipe cleaners

- artificial flowers

- and hot glue

All from the Dollar Tree you guys, seriously!

First I took off the birthday candles and took the floral wire to bring the two "antenna's" together to form the unicorn horn. Then measure and cut the felt to wrap around the connected antenna's. Sew the felt together along the back and add cotton on the inside to add shape to the horn. Once the sewing is completed on the back hot glue the opening to the under side of the headband to close-in the horn.

Add pipe cleaner color of choice by wrapping it around the base of the horn on the headband, spiraling it up and pinching it to the top to keep it sturdy.

Take felt color of choice and cut out triangle shape for the ears. You will want four pieces for this part. Then measure and cut the felt triangles against the foam as the foam will need to be glued in between the felt triangles to help it stand up on the head band. After gluing these together, cut two small triangles from pink foam to add for the inner ears. Glue those pieces in the inside of the completely ears.

After letting the ears dry, glue the ears onto the head band slightly indented. ​Add flowers around ears at the base of the head band for a more magical look. I also got the balloons from Dollar Tree and followed this super easy tutorial on making the balloon arch! The banner in the back is taped together heart place-mats I bought from Dollar Tree at Valentine's Day and cut letters from my Cricut machine out of construction paper. I used rainbow duct tape to do her name because she LOVES this duct tape. Here's a look at the finished product! She loved it and had a blast at her birthday!


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