Making A 2 Month Old Smile

Our little one is over two months old now and everyday she's learning and developing new skills. It's been amazing to watch and help her grow a little more each day. Our favorite thing now is play time. Usually right after she finishes nursing, is well burped, and finished her spit up floor show, she's full on coo-ing and babbling and it makes my mama heart flutter! When she starts her "talking" we like to hold our imaginary conversations with her. We talk about what we want to do today, or what she did do, or sometimes I literally just narrate what is happening in that moment like, "Oh you have your hands up in the air, you're waving at mama, and now you're blowing bubbles." She loves hearing our voices and we go from right in front of her face to across the room to help boost her vision and attentiveness.

We had a family dinner at my parents on Sunday and mom was "talking" with Caroline, and everytime she said the word beer little C would smile and laugh. It was the funniest thing! Nothing else she said would make her smile and laugh like mom saying the word beer haha.

We like to mimic her noises sometimes and we laugh with her. A lot of times we can see her trying to mimic our mouths as well, and when that happens I am constantly repeating mama, mama, mama! Haha. Hey, one can hope right?!

She is grabbing things now and loves to look at what she's grabbing onto. Caroline has Sophie the Girafe squeaker and teething toy and she loves her Sophie. She could be mid cry and I squeak Sophie and she'll stop and be really curious and the become playful. The key really is to play with your little one. Some people think it's silly because "they're too little to play" or they don't believe babies that young can really play because they can't even sit up on their own, but I know she loves when we play peek-a-boo and when I talk to her.

I honestly think I've heard her try and sing along with me when I sing her lullabies. My favorite mommy daughter time right not is that period between fussy and super tired and she's calming down from a big cry and gets snuggled close in my cradle hold. I usually will sing some of my favorite songs to her as well as some playful lullabies my mom used to sing to me that she also learned from her mom. I love that they have been passed down like that. I just hope Caroline ends up singing it to her daughter someday :). But as I hold Caroline and she's fighting that nap attack I will sing to her and she'll try to hum some sounds like she's trying to sing along. It's little bonding things like that I can rely on to make her happy and feel safe and loved. So moral of the story is don't feel silly! Your baby doesn't know what silly is yet so be your silliest you and they'll give you the biggest smiles that will be worth all the silliness in the world!

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