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It's that time of year again where everyone is getting ready to go back to school and the end of Summer becomes all too real for those of us that wish it lasted half the year. I am still in the process of making my studio space feel like a studio/office so I took on a DIY I thought would be very appropriate for anyone wanting to spruce up their office space, or apartment/dorm etc. I really wish I would've thought of this when I was in college! My dorm was pretty darn cute but something like this would've really set it apart from the other girls on my hall. All it takes is a bit of paint, painters tape, stencils, and time, and you'll have yourself a super cute personalized fridge! Morgan and I were given this fridge a year ago and he used it in his classroom. Now he shares a larger one with other teachers and has no need for it so I thought why not?!

Here's what you will need:

- 1 Old Mini Fridge

- Base color paint of choice (mine is "Very Berry" by Valspar)

- 1 Acrylic Color of Choice (For the Stenciling, mine was "Pure Gold" by FolkArt)

- 1 Can Spray Paint Primer - Rustoleum Primer White

- 1-2 Cans Spray Paint in Color of Choice (for stripes or desired design, Rustoleum Metallics - Gold)

- 120 Grit Sandpaper

- Desired Stencil (I cut mine from my Cricut onto a shelf liner I bought at Lowe's)

- 1 Small Sponge Paint Roller

- 1 Foam Sponge Brush

- Screw Driver

1. To begin, you need to separate the door from the body of the fridge by using your screw driver and unscrewing the hinge of the door.

2. Use painter's tape and a trash bag (or plastic) to tape off the sides and inside of the fridge so no dust or paint will get in there. Sand down all sides evenly.

Here are some before shots of my little fridge

3. Apply the primer over all exterior surfaces evenly except the back. Really make sure you tape off the back of the fridge as well so you don't break the main functions of the fridge before you get to use it!! Let primer sit for atleast 2 hours and apply one more coat. Let dry overnight.

4. Use the sponge paint roller to complete the base color for the fridge. I did two coats and let dry overnight.

5. Used contact paper (shelf liner) to cut the design I wanted for stencil. I cut a few of them so I could get more painted at one time. I used the acrylic paint and sponge brush and lightly dabbed the paint on each stencil.

6. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the fridge all taped off, but I made the stripes and square on the top with painters tape, and spray painted the area evenly. ::Make sure you complete all spray painting outside or in a well ventilated area where it is being blown outside::. I also spray painted the screws and hinges that hold the door on with the gold to match.

7. I coated the top with clear enamel finish. This will keep the paint in tact as you place items or have drinks on it. I definitely recommend using coasters on things that are painted always, but clear coating definitely helps!

And there you have it folks! My DIY mini fridge! Of course mine was pineapples and PINK because that's just me :) but the skies the limit with color ways you can make your little fridge stand out from the rest! I also added some cute bar ware to the top for those "casual" SPP meetings. :) Another decorative idea for an apartment, dorm, or office space. I used the Cricut to cute the "Cheers!" and pineapple design for the cups and got the rest from Target! Now I'm ready to host the afternoon LIT (in both sense of the term) sessions. :) I hope this inspires you to makeover something that's ordinary and make it your own. It's my favorite thing to do in life.

Thanks for reading!


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