Our First Live Christmas Tree

We are full on Christmas at the Odom abode and we needed to find the perfect tree to add the finishing touches on our holiday decor.

Alot went into the decision for a real tree this year. Since Morgan and I have lived together, we've always had artificial trees because that's what my family had and they just seemed easier. You pay for it once and then you have it for years and don't have to worry about getting a new one each year.

But with this being our first Christmas as parents, and Caroline's first Christmas, we wanted to make it extra special and maybe start our own Odom traditions that she will pass on later in life. We were directed to this cute little tree lot which coincidentally is the same plant nursery/market that we frequent each season called Carolina Farmer's Market. I thought I would link them this time because we go there SO often and they are always so nice and have wonderful product. Although going to a tree farm and chopping down our own sounded appealing, we thought we might save that for when Caroline would remember, and so we decided to shop local this year.

Morgan was surprisingly the picky one when it came to making a decision on the size, fullness, and height of the tree. I think my choices were a little too Clark Griswald for his taste because I just wanted BIG! But Morgan was the smarter of us two and became attached to one after a little while of looking. As you scroll through the pictures you can see how many great options there were, I probably could've spent a lot more time there, but it started to drizzle and rain on us so we went with Morgan's choice and called it a day. Luckily mom met up with us to help capture our first time buying a real Christmas tree as a family. :)

Caroline just pulled on every branch she could get her hands on and tried putting them all in her mouth. She's starting to teethe so EVERYTHING goes straight for her mouth all the time. We quickly took some pictures with her, Morgan had the guys wrap the tree up, and they even gave us the extra limbs they trim off the bottom because I want to make my own garland for on top of the kitchen cabinets.

We strapped it on top of the car and took it home to set up! If you saw my stories on IG over the weekend then you saw Morgan struggling with some lights, but they tree stand they sold us for this tree is perfect because you can literally spin the tree to help put the lights on easier!! So genius!

I hope everyone's got their tree up and getting in the Christmas spirit. We've just finished decorating the tree and will be sharing that soon! I just love all the wonderful memories we are making as a little family of 3 <3.

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