Our Little 1 Year Old

It's official, we have a 1 year old. One year. A whole year ago she made me a mommy. I was laying in the hospital thinking I was wonder woman, that I could take the pain, that I could be strong for her, and all I wanted was to meet her. The only thing getting me through all the pain and suffering of that agonizing morning was the idea of meeting the miracle that would be my life forever. Never could I have imagined a day that would start the incredibly scary way it did, only to end in pure joyous, baby bliss. If you missed my crazy birth story a while back, read it here.

This first year of my new chapter, OUR new chapter as parents, has been incredibly trying, thrilling, and full of love. It's true what they say, the love of your own child is unlike anything you can ever experience. The worry you go through as the parent can be suffocating, but I'm so blessed to have Morgan beside me on this journey because when one of us is freaking out the other one is there keeping the balance and sanity afloat. And worry is a funny thing because it's not always about her health, sometimes its worrying if we're giving her enough attention, enough love, or if we're coddling her or being too tough. The emotions I have gone through over the past twelve months has probably rivaled years of emotional roller coasters.

Each time she got a month older I shared what she was into, her likes, dislikes, obsessions, and behaviors. From the Bahamas trip until now, I think our little girl has grown leaps and bounds, so here's our little girl today:

- Says Dada constantly, Mama only when she wakes up or gets hurt/starts crying

- Loves her bath time

- Saying "Yayy" and clapping her hands

- She likes to share "mammy" (pacifier) with us

- Shares her food, she takes a bite, you take a bite

- Watches Magic School Bus every morning and dances when the theme song comes on

- Crawls everywhere so fast

- Will let go and stand for a few seconds before she plops down

- EATS EVERYTHING, literally she eats what we eat ( just smaller pieces obviously) and cleans her plate every time! Even spicy stuff!

- Drinks water like a fish

- Has one little tooth coming in on the bottom gums

- Just like the bathtub, she loves playing in her first pool in the backyard.

- Loves shouting when she hears her voice echo

- Smiles at everyone that smiles at her

She truly is a sweet blessing for Morgan and I. We take her everywhere and she's such a little trooper. I think she loves going everywhere with us and we could not be happier about that. We plan to take her many places, even at a young age, the sooner the better right? It's incredible to think about how quickly this first year went by and how much we fit into one tiny little year. I think about Caroline growing a year older each May 25 from now on and dream about what type of little woman she will grow up to be. If she's anything like the kind, sweet little angel she is now, I have no doubt she will be an impactful member of society. Her parents expect nothing less anyway.

Caroline, my baby girl, as I sit here on the eve of your first birthday, hot tears running down my cheeks, at 11:30 at night, I just want you to know that you are so deeply and profoundly loved. You fill mommy's heart past the brim everyday of pride and joy and I pray you know how much I love you. You've brought new meaning into mommy and daddy's life and we look forward to showing you what life is all about. You are our God sent angel, our little treasure, and we love you so very much.

Happy Birthday Caroline.

Love, Mommy.

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