Our Little 6 Month Old!

I just CANNOT believe she is already halfway through her first year of life. I still sometimes feel like I'm recovering from the hospital. Her sweetness brings Morgan and myself so much joy every single day. Every morning is the same, when we wake up or when she wakes up and sees our faces her face just lights up with the biggest smile and nothing, nothing in this world beats that feeling.

Here are a few of Caro's current favorite things:

- Giving the side eye, and then smiling really big at you (she'll go even bigger if you smile back)

- She currently makes a low growling sound that cracks us up so much

- She's loving pureed squash and bananas right now

- She likes to sit in the high chair in the kitchen while we clean and cook

- She will get almost on her stomach and then roll back on to her back. She can roll to her stomach, but she likes our reactions when we're cheering her on

- Everything is still going straight to her mouth, no matter what it is, if she can grab it, that's where it is going

- I'm so excited to say that she loves pineapples! We have a teething toy you can put fruits pieces in and she really enjoys sucking on the pineapple when it's in there

- She could stand with help for a looonnngggg time. She does not like to be on her back very much right now, or atleast not for a long period of time for play. She wants to sit up or stand up and see what's happening.

- Her babbling continues to change daily. I feel like she's trying to tell me something everyday!

And that's about all that is new right now. Her development is sooo amazing to see, I just cannot believe it has already been 6 months! Time is a crazy and scary thing.

We are gearing up for allllll the Christmas firsts for her, including her 7 months being on Christmas day! We're ready to start implementing all of our own Odom family traditions now that we have a little family. I can't wait to share with you all what they will be!

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