Planning The Perfect Beach Day

As most of you know, my family and I are avid beach goers. Any free chance we get we are heading to the coast. From the moment I got my license to drive I would take off every chance I got to the closest beach. I didn't always think about what I needed to bring or come prepared every single time, but as I have gotten older I've learned how much better a day at the beach can be when you are fully equipped with all the beach day essentials. And now that we have baby C in tow, we have a whole new list of things to make sure we bring to secure a successful day at the beach for the whole family. We may look a little silly getting out onto the beach with all of our cargo, but we always hit the sand early to set up our spot and can be there all day because we have everything we need.

We recently went to Surfside Beach in South Carolina with the whole family and had the best time hanging out, playing beach games, building sandcastles, and surfing the waves. We went to Ocean Lakes Family Campground, a place we went every year when I was growing up, all the way until I was about 22, and haven't really been back much since. This was the first time we have been back as a family and it was just as fun as I remembered. There is nothing that says Summer better than a sunny day at the beach!

When packing for the beach I always start with my beach bag, sunscreen, towels, blankets, sunglasses and hats. You'll notice everything I refer to is plural because I am always in charge of packing for all three of us (#momlife). Once I complete the smaller necessities I get out our new beach wagon and start gathering everything to complete our little camp for the day like chairs, we have the Nautica ones linked below, umbrella, canopy (for baby C to play), cooler fully packed with drinks, snacks, and ice, paper plates, napkins, and trash bags. In collaboration with Wayfair, I have compiled a list of necessities we are sure to bring to have a perfect beach day. Wayfair is a great go-to site for everything you need to complete your best beach day preparation.

After I have made sure all the necessities are ready to go, I also include some fun games to play while hanging out under the sun. Since my family is so large, we usually make sure we bring 3-4 different things to play with so everyone can participate in something. We've split up games we bring, like my younger brother brings Can Jam (probably my favorite), mom brings Corn Hole, my older brother brings bocce ball, we bring spike ball, and then we make sure we have an extra frisbee just incase. Beach games with the family is probably my second favorite thing about having a perfect beach day next to a great tan :).

I wish I had more pictures from this awesome beach day in Surfside, but sometimes you just have to put down the camera and just live in the moment, ya know? We also had an intense Can Jam tournament that day so I was a little busy. My family is super competitive so when we get in competition mode IT.IS.ON!

Aside from the fun games, we also love playing in the sand, building sandcastles and tide walls to keep the high tide from hitting us, and just floating in the ocean. I will sometimes bring our canvas float and ride the current for a little while like a natural lazy river until I can't see our camp anymore. Then get out, walk back up and float down again. It's fun and gives a little exercise too :).

We haven't really got baby C in the ocean yet. We dipped her feet and she didn't seem to like it too much, but that was mostly because the water was very cold. She likes getting in the pool and LOVES taking baths so we have full confidence that she will be a complete mermaid water baby when she's older. For now, she just lays in the shade, coos and laughs at her family running around her, and takes it all in. Having a baby at the beach definitely adds an extra load to ensure you'll have everything you need, but at the end of the day, all the things I've listed make it totally worth the amazing day we are guaranteed to have because we come fully prepared.

Don't forget to check out the shoppable links below from Wayfair to complete your perfect beach day list. I am in LOVE with the pineapple towel, and that cooler!? That is the mac daddy of coolers for your beach day. I just really loved these snaps of my family during that perfect beach day in July and can't wait for many more this month!

What are your perfect beach day go-tos? I would love to hear them!

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