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Easter is always a big production with my family. The morning is like Christmas, we wake up and the Easter basket hunt begins. How many of you out there had your Easter baskets hidden when you were little? We are all grown now so the frenzy only happens in my brother's home with my nieces and nephew, but if I'm being perfectly honest I get a little sad knowing that I'm too old for the Easter Bunny to pay me a visit. My husband realized this many years ago and would occasionally surprise me with an Easter basket sometimes with my favorites like Cadberry eggs, Reese's eggs (MY FAVE), sometimes a pretty necklace, my aroma of choice Lemon Lavender, and a few other doodads and nick nacks. All we think about now is how it will be when we have a little one of our own to start traditions with. Following the Easter basket hunt we have breakfast and get ready for church, to celebrate the true reason for the season, Christ rising again!

I Absolutely LOVED my Easter dress choice this year! So comfortable and versatile from Francesca's by m i a m i. Paired with this stone necklace I got on sale also from Francesca's, it matched perfectly to the neutral floral print in the dress. I recently ordered those super comfortable blush wedges from JustFab (the Kileen) that tied it all together! I easily wore these shoes all day no problem! The dress is actually a wrap style, my first true wrap dress, and I must say I think I might have a new obsession. You may be seeing A LOT more wrap dress looks from me because there is nothing more comfortable than a chic, well fitting, comfortable, cotton dress and wrap dresses offer all of that!

I got so many compliments on my outfit at church so this was a definite win! I'm going to segway for a moment to my little niece featured below because she has great style and her Easter look was totes adorbs this year!

This is my adorable little sassafras niece Chloe. She is only 7 and already a fashionista after my own heart. She picked this dress out all by herself for a community Easter egg hunt we went to the day before Easter. She also matched it up with those super cute Jellies! You should see her shop, it is so funny to see how she examines different dresses and tops and thinks about how she would feel when she wears it. I was blown away by her pickiness but she did an amazing job, styled herself and got things that were on sale too all from Old Navy! She will be a future fashionista for sure! She and her sister absolutely LOVE those little Jelly slip-ons so if you have a little one that is picky about what goes on her feet these might be perfect summer shoes for her!

Big sister waits in line with little brother and sister for the bouncy house, and not to worry, she and her sister are wearing dance shorts under their dresses. Just because she likes to look fashionable doesn't mean she'll let herself miss out on all the fun. She posed for many pictures and you could tell she felt comfortable and cute from all the fun pictures she took. This dress also comes in two other adorable colors and floral prints! They had such a fun time at Hop in the Park per usual!

Okay so back to Sunday, after church we come home and have a big lunch together with all the usual's, ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, rolls, and of course sweet tea, lots and lots of sweet tea (this is the south after all). Typically followed by a water gun fight in the yard where we all end up looking like wet dogs when it is all said and done. This year was a little different, although the kids did have a water gun fight, Morgan and I left for the beach right after lunch to start our week long relaxation tour at his Dad's which will be featured on some upcoming posts!

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