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If there is one thing I love about summer fashion it is the ability to wear as much white as I want with no shame in being out of style or season. I love how white makes me automatically feel 5 shades tanner.... more tan?...You get what I'm saying. And even though I love wearing white on white, I'm not exactly the most confident shorts wearer just yet so I have numerous kimonos and light wraps in my wardrobe, like this pink one, to complete the look and allow me to still feel comfortable. If you're a little self conscious about your legs and aren't super confident in your summer shorts you should really invest in getting a couple light cover ups like this one to boost your style confidence and still stay cool in the summer. They add that coverage to help me feel better and they create a little drama when you walk, and what girl doesn't like to have a little pop of action in their look? Well I sure do!

So I have linked my look but also many of my shopped kimonos for you to add to your wardrobe and start wearing with your summer outfits, but also ones that can be transitioned into fall with tees, jeans, and booties! Kimonos are just too fun not to photograph and twirl in so of course I had a lot of fun downtown Fayetteville feeling my comfy summer look. I loved the tall, colorful, grasslike fixtures in front of the new FAST Transit Center off Russell Street. We got a few fun shots in but we did have a security guard tell us we had to have a permit to take pictures there because it was city owned property?... I had never heard that one but luckily we were pretty much done with our shoot when he approached us. So just a heads up, if you head out there you have to steer clear of any cameras that are stationed outside of the Transit Center or you may be asked to stop taking pictures!

Let me know in the comments how you feel about wearing kimonos. Do you like this trend? Do you own a bunch like me? It's the perfect boho piece of apparel to naturally I have very many!

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