Thanksgiving in Kentucky

We took Caroline on her first big road trip over the Thanksgiving holiday and it was such a blast. I can honestly say I was a bit nervous because she has never traveled further than about 3-4 hours, and Morgan wasn't coming with me on the way there (he flew up a couple days later). I drove through the night in hopes that she would sleep after her last bottle since she's normally such a good sleeper, and it worked out perfectly. She literally slept the entire time! My little brother's g/f Mekayla rode with me and we talked and sang and powered through driving in the night, arriving at my cousins house around 6 AM completely and utterly exhausted.

It was well worth it thought because it gave me extra time with family I haven't seen in years! We got in, left the luggage to be dealt with later, and came inside to the rooms she set up for us and crashed. I feel SO lucky that I have a baby girl who is just like her mama and may even love sleep more than I do. She woke up for a few minutes while I transferred her from carseat to co-sleeping on the bed with me (til daddy got there then into the crib my cousin set up for us) and passed out minutes after I laid down with her. I have NEVER felt so lucky.. I thought for sure I wouldn't be going right to sleep and having to give her a bottle, but a warm cuddle, pacy in, and humming her fave tunes like "I wanna hold your hand" and "Blackbird" (she's a serious Beatles fan) and she was down for the count next to me.

Kentucky is where my entire family from my mom's side lives. She has three brothers and they all live within 20 minutes or so from each other, two sharing a road and land that meets from my Grandpa's old farm. Growing up, my mom took my brothers and I to KY once, sometimes twice, a year to visit family and we always looked forward to it. It was nothing but exploring, playing outside, four wheeling, games and wrestling with family and just catching up. The amount of kids under one roof would be insane every time we all got together. But we are known as "the Carolina family" since we are the only ones who don't live up there. It's such a beautiful farm and now my grandpa has sold his home to my cousin so it will remain in the family and remain connected to my uncles' properties.

As you scroll through pictures, I hope you see the joy in the faces of "the Carolina family" when we visit there, and how amazing it is to unplug and just be with family. Although I can't say I was entirely offline the whole time, my screen time drastically decreased and it was refreshing. If you've kept up with previous blog posts, you know we are wanting to find a house outside of the city, and trips like this one just reassures us of how much we want to have space of our own. This farm has held so many wonderful memories from as far back as I can remember and I look forward to taking our kids for years to come.

Do you have a special childhood place you loved and frequented with family? I know I am very blessed with the closeness of my family and how we've managed to continue vacationing over the years, and now that we are becoming the adult group, it is our turn to keep traditions alive and create new ones. We are just so thrilled that Caroline seems just as adventurous as her parents.

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