The Cranberry Fizz

With the help of Corks and Cheers, I am sharing with you one of my new favorite holiday party pairings of all time. Corks and Cheers sent us a party ready box full of the basics for creating the best holiday party pairings. If you're looking for a site that has yummy cocktail mixes and perfect hors d'oeuvres pairings check them out!

As soon as I saw this Cranberry Fizz cocktail I knew I needed to try it, especially since the perfect pairing was with brie! I don't know what it is, maybe the texture, the semi sweetness, not sure, but brie cheese is one of my faves! As soon as I saw these recipes I knew I had to try.

The Cranberry Fizz and Cranberry Brie Bites - Click Here For Full Corks and cheers recipe!

If you've followed along, you know Morgan is the master in the kitchen so he took lead on creating these beautiful concoctions.

He mixed the cherry 7UP and Ogio Prosecco with the ingredients specified in the link above and spiked through 3 cherries, with the cute Christmas utensils they sent us, as garnish across the top adding the perfect red for the holidays.

The Cranberry Brie bites typically are served over a puff pastry but we are huge brie lovers so we decided to just serve the brie with the cranberry chutney glaze drizzled over top and set larger toothpicks out for quests to grab their cheese. I know it would also be delicious over a puff pastry though! It truly is a great pairing together so I know I will be heading to Corks and Cheers from now on for fun party ready recipes and pairings. You can also find amazing recipes at @lenaskitchenblog on Instagram!

We enjoyed the pairings so much I think we are going to make it again for my birthday on NYE! Thank you Corks and Cheers!

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