We're Having a Baby! First Trimester Adventures

This past weekend we announced our newest blessing of expecting Baby Odom #1 coming in Spring 2018. Our due date is set for May 22nd right now which is very exciting because it keeps our birthdays spread out, and if you know me then you know I love a good party. So of course I'm already looking forward to all the fun planning I get to do for parties to come. Incase you missed the announcement, catch a glimpse below. I got the inspiration from Pinterest, ran with it, and luckily it was a hit!

I have been VERY M.I.A. to pretty much everything normal in my life; hanging with friends, blogging, photography, and DIY because all I've wanted to do for the past 3 months is close my eyes and remain horizontal every waking minute of every day. Sleep is my BFF right now. Everyone's always telling me to rest when I feel like resting, but it can really take over! I wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home for lunch fighting a quick nap, go back to work (fighting the afternoon nausea and head/neck pains, whoever decided to call it "morning sickness" was sorely mistaken... probably a man..), and then come home to immediately get horizontal on the couch or in the bed. I eat a lot within that time frame too, mainly Chic-fil-a, grilled cheese sandwiches, crackers, and ginger ale. Don't worry I get my fruits and veggies in there too, sometimes I just have to hold my nose to do it for the sake of my baby not coming out looking like a Chic-fil-a chicken strip.

I'm officially past the first trimester and am segwaying into my second now. I've heard great magical stories about how different the second trimester will be in dealing with the aches and pains. All that is supposed to go away (hasn't so far but it's only been a week), paving the way for the next 3 months where everything expands. I guess I got lucky for it to happen during a 2-3 month period where almost everyone in the world expands over the Holidays, so I won't feel so alone. :) Speaking of alone, I am already getting a taste of mommy hood because my Maltese pup Roxy will literally NEVER let me be alone. She's definitely got that dog sense knowing something's up because she follows me everywhere (more than usual) and wants to sleep curled up either on my belly or next to it. I'm praying it's a good sign that she will love Baby O as she has not has good luck with little ones in the past. I'm just hoping there's no jealousy or weirdness when we bring baby home. If anyone has experience or advice with that please let me know!!

It's funny how the thought of bringing your own child into the world can change a couple. Our priorities have completely shifted and plans for the future are much further out than we've ever planned before. Morgan in particular has been quite funny for many reasons, curious, but good reasons. :)

1. At every doctors appointment he somehow comes in with more prepared questions than I have.

2. He cooks me more meals now knowing that he can control what I have to eat lol.

3. He gives me all the pillows to prop everything up and help me get comfortable.

4. The way he looks at the sonograms makes me want to cry and assures me I'll probably be balling my eyes out watching him when we bring our new baby home.

I've never had so much uncertainty in my entire life, but God always has a plan and He's made me strong enough to get through them all.

As I'm leaving my first trimester now I still have my bad days where everything hurts and I want to stay in bed, and sometimes I do, but I realize I can't be lazy forever because 9 months will come quickly and I want to be a "Fit Mom" and bounce back from this crazy first run pregnancy. So I'm making a commitment to exercise more and if my body will let me, eat as healthy as I can in this second trimester.

Any preggies out there want to team up? Or be support systems? That's always been my downfall unfortunately. If I have a friend go with me, I would go to the gym everyday and stay for hours. But if it's just me, having to motivate myself, and go by myself to leave whenever I want.... I unfortunately either don't go, or only stay for an hour versus the 2+ I would with a partner. Weird right? I'm sure there's some kind of pyscho-analysis dedicated to things like that, but for me I've just never been someone to do public things alone. I could never go out to a restaurant or to a movie alone. I know plenty of people that do, but for some reason I can't. But I love being at home alone.... I don't know, I'm sure there's some explanation but I'm getting off on a tangent...

So there's some bits about my first trimester! We should be able to find out the sex, if Baby O cooperates, right before Christmas so we could possibly have some fun Holiday gender reveal happening!! It's all so exciting and super scary at the same time.

I'm hoping that getting out of the dreaded first trimester will bring back more motivation for photography and blogging because I don't like leaving my readers hanging. I promise I'll pick it up over the next few months!

I do have a big birthday coming up as well and even though I won't be popping my own champagne I've got some great ideas to share with you guys for bringing in 2018! Stay tuned!



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