Whimsical, Wild One Birthday Party

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From the moment I found out I was having a girl I had day dreams of pink and pretty dress up, teas and girly parties. It should come as no surprise that dress up was my favorite game growing up and I WORE OUT my Pretty Pretty Princess game. I always loved planning my birthday parties with my mom as I got older and she always threw me the best ones. We didn't have a lot of money, and they were very frugal parents, so luckily my mom is probably one of the most creative out there because she always managed to put together the best soirees.

I made a list of different party ideas and landed on one I could not have been happier with, Caroline's Whimsical Wild One Birthday Party. It started out as a swan lake type theme, but I love greenery and floral accents too much and turned it into a more broad wild one birthday with a hint of whimsy.

I was a little stressed out about this party because it was our first kid party and the first party we would be hosting on our new home. Wanting it to be perfect would be putting it lightly and thank the good Lord I was blessed with a husband would who do anything for me and loves hosting people just as much as I do. Between the morning scramble of setting up and the sky rocket heat that entire weekend, by Sunday afternoon we were two extremely exhausted individuals.

As you scroll through the pictures I would love to know what you're favorite part of the party was. My favorite was definitely the party essentials sent by Coterie Party. Even thought I was scrambling to set things up, I could rest easy knowing I had all the main ingredients for a great party like beautiful, festive plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and extra decor. Everyone that came to the party talked about how amazing the table looked and how perfect the set was for the party. I used the eucalyptus garland as the table runner for an exciting centerpiece and scattered the gold and white table confetti all around it.

It was the hottest day we've had so far this year so we put up some tents and umbrellas to have some shade in an otherwise super sunny yard. It was lucky I had already bought Caroline her first pool because that was definitely the hit of the party with the kids. Give kids a pool and a garden hose on a hot day and they'll be busy for hours. After everyone got there we Morgan got the grill going and lunch was ready. We then did cake and sang happy birthday and Caroline experienced her first lemon and buttercream cake. Her smash cake was as big as her head, it was the funniest thing. At first she was a little stand offish but Morgan drug her hand through it and after her first bite she was alllll over it. She even started sharing some with us.

When she started throwing cake overboard was when we knew she was done and we moved on to presents. Between clothes, bathing suits, and toys she will be set for the summer and beyond, and we cannot thank everyone who came enough for spoiling or little girl! After presents were done I swear Caroline just sat there staring off for a good 30 minutes, and you could see the exhaustion written all over her! But that girl said it was her party and she could stay awake if she wanted to because she DID NOT want to nap.

We had fun taking pictures in front of the floral backdrop outside, and I placed the balloon arch inside since it was SO HOT, I was afraid of it deflating quickly or popping, so I set the other photo opt in the AC to give our guests a little relief. The party started winding down a few hours later and our cute little soaked party guests started to leave.

We felt pretty good about our first kid party but MAN was I stressed out. I was mainly worried about not having activities for the kids but I guess that worked out! it worked well for us anyway, not sure how happy the parents' were about their soaked kids getting into the car to go home. I guess that's definitely a plus of having a Spring/Summer baby, pool parties will always be a hit! Thanks again to Coterie Party for helping me create the dreamy Wild One party for my little girl I always imagined. Can't wait to host more events in our little home!

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