Top 5 Gifts For When She Says Yes!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

 We all know how exciting it can be when your bestie gets engaged. Even more so when you get engaged! All of the thoughts and ideas start rushing in about colors, dates, food, music, DRESSES! It can become overwhelming very quickly which is why I have assembled a perfect little list for gifting essentials intended for the bride-to-be. 


 1. The perfect wedding planning guide from The Knot. One of my best friends surprised me with this 10

minutes after my Husband proposed and it was such a great help in the process of keeping my wedding planning life together. However, I will say, if the bride-to-be is not a planner or organized person this may be a waste of a gift. I used mine thoroughly from planning the venue and layout, to dresses and food, it truly has the best tips and checklists to go by when thinking about your big day!




2. Post-it page markers. Seriously, I am such a planner and creative thinker that I had a category for every color I was given and used them down to the last few in everything from bridal magazines, books, my planner, catalogs, you name it and I had a marker in it. (Another great thing to throw in there are cute pens, highlighters, paper clips, etc. to help the ideas to keep flowing without forgetting where she saw it or what it was.) 




3. A nice miniature manicure kit with a neutral colored polish so she can buffer those nails for all of those pictures she'll be taking showing off her new ring! The classic baby pink or french manicure is always nice for pictures but some of you may know your friends would prefer certain colors and that's fine too. This just helps her think about all those close ups people will want to have and save her from future engagement picture regrets!




4. The homemade gifts are always a hit and best for when you're on a budget. Depending on your bride-to-be's preference, get a wine glass or coffee mug from the dollar tree and dazzle it up for her with some cute engagement sayings, or maybe her future last name. These are things that although will only be new and post-worthy pre-wedding, they're gifts that will be treasured because they were made especially for her.


5. The final gift I recommend throwing in is something personal. Something that can be special just between you and the bride-to-be. It can be jewelry, possibly with the new last name initial if you both love accessories. It can be a wedding themed picture frame for her to use after she gets wedding pictures back. I was given this book, Loveology, by Mark Comer and I loved it. It's Christian based and all about how to make a marriage work and be the best partner for your spouse and what it means to share a life together. It's actually a great read for both men and women so when she's done maybe she can have Hubby read it! Just make it something special, that could possible be shared just between to two of you and she'll cherish it. 



And that's it! There are many other things that can be thrown in there, from "Just engaged" shirts, to chocolates and advice books and such and from experiencing being spoiled by my besties everything is appreciated as long as it's thoughtful! She's going to be truly overwhelmed by everything over the course of planning so you just being there when she calls will be one of the greatest gifts you can give.


Hope this helps those looking for gift guidance!




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