Baby Lounging On The Beach With DockATot

Thursday, May 30, 2019


This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.

Over Memorial Day weekend my family took off to Carolina Beach to hang out for a few days. SV Tidechaser was anchored in the channel and we went back and forth from the boat to the beach. We love this part of Wilmington because it holds such a small  town feel within the large city of Wilmington. The pictures here are from Caroline's Birthday, May 25, and she is officially 1 year old. We had gorgeous, sunny weather, and HOT temperatures, so I knew I needed to prepare for everything for Caroline. Although it may seem tedious and at times, too much, but my overpacking serves a purpose because I try to think about all possible scenarios to keep Caroline comfortable when we are not at home. 


I always pack the essentials, bathing suit, 2 dry outfits, baby sunscreen, hat, lots of water and snacks, towels, umbrella, and diapers and wipes. After I'm happy with the main necessities I think about what would make her most comfortable and be easiest for Morgan and I to take out there. Caroline is the best beach sleeper which is such a blessing! It gives us time to relax and sun bathe or swim without worrying about her crawling off or eating sand when we're not looking. Our friends at DockATot sent Caroline a DockATot Grand baby lounger from the new Mediterraneo Collection and it is the perfect addition to a successful beach day for our family. We set Caroline up in the center of our beach camp and she hammed it up for the whole family. She lounged in her dock and drank her milk, rolled around for a while, and then stunned the whole family when she just decided it was time to stand up on her own. 


Yes, those pictures are Caroline standing straight up without holding onto anything, and was the first time Morgan and I had seen her do that, so of course we all lost it. She was the center of attention for a while as we cheered her on and clapped everytime she stood straight up in her DockATot. I'd like to say having the Grand Dock underneath her gave her the confidence, because when she was done standing she would flop down and laugh, but she has been trying to stand on her own for a couple weeks now. It was just so exciting that she did it on her birthday! 


She played and laid in her comfy lounger while we all enjoyed the beach and when it was time to go, we packed everything up in the wagon and headed to the boat. We love having the On The Go Transport Bag for the DockATot because it zips everything up perfectly and is a sturdy canvas material so it protects the dock too. I usually put the Grand dock in the bag with a little blanket or muslin for Caroline and that's all she needs. Somehow we noticed that there was a little stain on the bottom of the dock once we got home, and luckily they've made it so simple to take the cover off to throw it in the washing machine, and it came out perfectly just like new. All this to say that the Grand dock is something we tend to take most everywhere with us that is Caroline's designated space, and she loves it. Even at home we have it in the living room and she always crawls right to it and will just sit in it and play with her toys. 


After our beach day we went to dinner for Caroline's birthday where she tasted her first key lime pie and we sang happy birthday with her single candle she blew out (AKA I blew out :)) 1 year has flown by all too quickly. Now we are just waiting on those first steps all by herself! 











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