Beachy Waterfall Braid

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When it comes to summer, beach, getting dressed up, and worrying about my hair, my motto is when in doubt braid it out! Between humidity, and the salty air there is only one thing my locks know how to do and it is to blow up double it's size and all over the place.




I was in a wedding happening in the peak of summertime on the beach and was faced with either getting my hair done or doing it myself. Knowing my hair all too well I thought I would tough it out alone, understanding that paying someone would be the biggest waste of money because of how windy it was that day. Luckily, one of the other bridesmaids (Shout out to Amanda! Hair savior!) was a master at following instructions and while looking at a Pinterest step-by-step was able to complete a beautiful waterfall braid that lasted all night!


(As you can see the beach air already invaded my head a little bit)


She completed it all the way around then pinned my bangs back over the braid and secured with some of the flowers used in our bridesmaid bouquets and VIOLA! Perfect beach wedding hair! There's a tutorial here that is pretty similar to the one she followed if that helps! Happy Braiding!
















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