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Thursday, September 6, 2018



From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was constantly on Pinterest (more than my already crazy addiction to it) looking up nursery ideas and baby clothes and everything under-the-sun baby related. Whether I was having a boy or girl, I knew I wanted to have this new trend of the braided crib bumper in my baby's room! When I researched where to get one I found out that unfortunately it was a lot more expensive than what I could justify buying at the time so I waited and thought maybe I would ask for it on our registry. When I showed my mom what I wanted she said those magic words I hear so often from her, "aw, you don't need to buy that, let's make it!" So we started doing more research into how these were made and found it was totally more affordable for us to make this thing than buy it, and it would be that much more precious to me and Caroline because it was made by me and her grandma. :)


I will share as many photos we could remember to take and what we used to complete our first braided crib bumper for anyone who wants to give it a try! I will say this is a bit time consuming, and works a lot better if you have help, like at least 3 people working together. We had 3, me, mom, and our friend Mekayla, and we got this done on a rainy Saturday within about a 5 hour time span of off and on working.



- Cotton/lycra blend fabric measured a little more than the length of the inside of the crib

- Scissors

- Singer electric sewing machine

- Filling cotton

- Thread to match the chose fabric

- Measuring tape


The fabric we used is a cotton/lycra blend. You want to make sure whatever fabric you choose has a good amount of stretch but at the same time has a thicker cotton feel because when you stuff the sewn tubes it will start to stretch them a bit and you don't want the seams to split open. Before buying the fabric, I measured the inside of the crib from one corner all the way around so we knew how much to get.


Here are our steps we completed to create this look:

- Cut the fabric to be 8" high

- Fold the fabric in half and pin along the open side (the side that will be sewn together)

- Carefully run the strip of fabric through the sewing machine and keep the edges as straight as possible

- Once the side is completely sewn, sew one end of the tube closed as well but leave one end open

- Take an empty cardboard paper towel roll and thred the fabric tube onto the roll to the end where you had sewn it closed, with  the sewn side out (basically inside out)

- Push the sewn closed end into the paper towel roll and begin filling with pillow cotton.

- Continue to push cotton through the roll as it fills the tube and pull the tube through the roll as it fills which should be turning the fabric tube to the right side (where sewn edge is hidden now)

- Once you reach the end of the entire tube you stuffed with cotton, leave the fabric tube open until the other two fabric tubes are done.

- Repeat the steps for the other two fabric tubes.


- When all three fabric tubes are completed take the open ends, pin them together and sew the ends closed together.

- Lay the tubes out on the floor (like the below picture) with one person holding the sewn end and the other doing the braiding.

- As you go along with your braid the person holding the end will need to be sure to keep the bumper straight because it can easily get twisted if the braid is too tight or too gappy

- Once the braid is complete, lay the braid out on the floor and make sure it is flat and cohesive, meaning nothing is pulling and all the tubes are the same size.

- When you are happy with the entirety of the braid you can sew the closed ends together to complete the bumper.

- When placing in the crib make sure to keep it straight and push close in each corner.

- We later added cute ribbon connected to each corner that ties around all the corners of the crib.


And that's it! Now we have this adorable crib bumper to protect our baby girls' head incase she rolls around or plays in it. I love the fabric too because it is very breathable and soft. I hope you get to try one out for your little one! I think we are going to make miniature ones for the bassinet and her play mat since we had a good amount of leftover fabric. 


Good luck and happy sewing!






 Side view of the braided crib bumper!

















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