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Wednesday, November 22, 2017






 Fall decor is my second favorite decorating time of the year (next to Christmas of course!) because of the colors, the warmth it brings, although I am a beach girl, there's just something about a crisp, Fall night and a fire. My family is pretty traditional at Thanksgiving, with all the traditional foods, fire in the fireplace and in the back yard, and lots of napping family members everywhere. I wanted to show that personality through the decor, and my favorite piece I used was my dad's old kindling box he made in shop class in high school years ago that my grandma held onto and gave to my mom. We thought about painting it but at the end of the day the rustic look, the wording, and the history behind it told me otherwise so we kept it as it and turned it into the center of the front porch decor. 


My great grandma Penn (Mom's, Mom's, Mom) is a wonderful quilt maker and handmade that quilt draped on the couch. I was really crazy about orange this year for some reason and wanting to tie it in everywhere. We used lanterns (from my wedding) and old decorations on side tables to enhance the Autumn vibes pouring out from the front porch.


I was so happy with how it turned out! I've added a how to below for some of the handmade items you see in the pictures. Now, even more exciting is that we get to decorate for Christmas next! Can't wait!








 A Quick How To Make Beautiful Porch Decor



1. First I took old cauldron planters I had for years (never really used/could never keep anything alive it them) and measured the opening against a cardboard box to create the base for the fun decorations. We filled the cauldrons halfway with sand, turned old empty planters we had laying around upside-down, and stuck the cardboard right on top. We made sure the sand and upside down planter reached the rim of the cauldron so the cardboard would give a flat surface.


2. We had orange and green pumpkin buckets and I knew I wanted it to be a more neutral look for Halloween and Thanksgiving so I spray painted the green ones with a burnt bronze which in the end turned out almost black but it still worked. 


3. I started with the painted pumpkin first, hot glueing it on the cardboard and bringing in the burlap and floral arrangements around the bottom.


4. For the higher two pumpkins I turned them upside-down and glued the burlap ribbon and floral arrangements around the bottom, flipped it right side up, placed it on top of the first pumpkin (the base) and finished the floral arrangements. I thought about gluing the pumpkins together but you never know what will be in next year for decor so I left them separate and filled the higher pumpkins with some sand to withstand windy weather outside.



5. I repeated again for the top pumpkin and when turned right side up I added floral arrangements coming out of the pumpkin like a vase.


And that's it! All materials were bought from the Dollar Tree and are super easy to make a reuse for a fun fall decor each year! I also made the wreath for the front door and the spray above the door.


I really wish I would have got more pictures of the process but mom and I did it all over time. She did the awesome Welcome sign you see leaning near the rocking chairs. I love it so much because it's so neutral and we're definitely going to be using it throughout Christmas!





















I decided to dress the table this year using fall florals, metallics, and crystal. I got the pumpkins on the table from Michaels for $4 and $2, spray painted thumb tacks in gold and silver, and made my own designs running down the sides. I also took two vases I found at Goodwill for $.39 each, wrapped them with painters tape to make stripes, sprayed them with gold spray paint and set them upside down to hold the candles. The ice bucket (one of my favorite party items) ties in perfectly with the metallic feel. I used my mom's crystal for glasses and other dinner necessities. 


We still have a lot of Rosemary growing in the garden so I cut a lot of that and some stems from our basil plant, used twine to create a cute little circle for a fun plate ornament. I placed them over the napkin on he gold charger which tied in so well with the floral and metallic vibes. For Thanksgiving my family has so many guests that we use extra strong Chinet paper plates because we will already  have an abundance of dishes as it is with cups, cookware etc., so we opt for the "fancy" paper plates  to make cleanup a little easier. 


I cannot wait for tomorrow to see family, eat my life away, and take loooong snuggly naps. Although we aren't traveling this year, it always feels like a mini-vacation when Thanksgiving rolls around because its lots of food, family time, and SHOPPING! Who's going shopping on Friday with all the crazies?? I'm still on the fence..... 


I hope everyone has a wonderful, BLESSED, Thanksgiving! Don't forget to give thanks to the One who gave it all for you!










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