{DIY} Statement Beach Hat

Tuesday, May 30, 2017




This Memorial Day I wanted to sport my new blue suit and complete the look with a fun statement hat for the beach! I am absolutely loving all of the statement hats, tassels, and poms that are in this Spring and Summer, and there is so much out there that you can do with them that I decided to take on some DIY of my own. I had 2 plain floppy hats just lying around that I never really wear anymore so what better way to bring them back to life then to jazz them up with sequins and poms! It's like modern day bedazzling right??

Follow along below to see how easy it is to make your own!


What you will need:


- 1 floppy beach hat (color does not matter)

- Sequin spool with color of choice (should be able to get at any craft store)

- Pom-pom garland color of choice

- Tacky Glue (I use Aleene's Brand)

- Hot Glue

- Scissors





Applying the Pom Pom Garland


Step 1: Start your pom additions by hot-glueing the first pom in the center of the back of the hat's crown. This will hold the pom garland in place for now while you apply the tacky glue along the rest of the crown.


Step 2: Apply the tacky glue in quarter sections, meaning point it at the crown beside where you hot-glued the first pom and begin to apply glue along the left side of the crown until you reach halfway to the front.


Step 3: Apply hot glue at this halfway point while also pushing the garland against the crown where you just applied the tacky glue.


Step 4: Place another line of tacky glue from this point to the center of the front of the crown then pushing the pom garland against it to adhere it to the hat.


Step 5: Do another point of hot glue on the center front of the hat and then proceed to repeat steps 2 & 3 until you reach the center back of the hat.


Cut the excess pom garland that is left and ensure all poms have been adhered to the crown of the hat all the way around. This will need to dry overnight before it becomes solid.


Applying the Sequin Statement


Step 1:(I did not do this but this is a best practice if you're not confident with script writing or writing in general!) Print out the statement in the size and font you would like the statement to look on the brim on the hat. You may even try a couple different sizes and lay them out on the brim to see which one you prefer before beginning any tracing.


Step 2: If you are confident in writing it without printing the words, use a pencil to lightly write out the words on the brim which you will later be covering with glue and sequins. If you are printing out the words, cut the words as close as you can, tape them to the brim, and use a black sharpie to trace the letters. The black sharpie should bleed through the printer paper and onto the hat to form the words. Graphite paper will also work with pencil to trace the words on.


Step 3: Once you've got the outline of your statement, begin glueing by placing a spot of hot glue on the tip of the first letter and adhering the string of sequins to the hat. 


Step 4: Follow the outline of the letter with tacky glue and finish the letter with a spot of hot glue and cutting the string to adhere to the spot of glue. 


Step 5: Do steps 3 & 4 throughout the entire statement, beginning each letter with a spot of hot glue, tracing the entire letter/word with tacky glue, and ending the letters and words with hot glue. This way the hot glue holds it firmly while the tacky glue dries. The hot glue is not always the most reliable, especially if you plan on using your hat in the heat most of the time, but the tacky glue should be your permanent solution.



Let this dry over night with the pom pom garland and you got yourself a fashionable floppy hat for hitting the beach! I will be making another one soon and for that one I promise I will be much more thorough with instructions and plan to put a video up on my YouTube channel to make it easier to follow along! I love to DIY things like this because it's more personalized and custom made just for me. :) I'm not sure what statement I want to put on the next one yet! Any suggestions?! Leave it in the comments please I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading guys and if you end up making your own I would love to see them as well! Email me thesaltypinkpineapple@gmail.com or put it in the comments! Thanks guys! <3







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