Embroidered Denim!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


A mega trend that I'm sure you've seen all year long is the embroidered denim. I was a little resistant at first but I found the perfect pair recently and will be going back to try out more. I was worried because I'm not a size 2 or 4 and that the embroidery would make me look bigger or it just wouldn't look right on me for some reason. I am so happy I decided to try these on at Target when I did! I tell you what you guys, Target is stepping up their denim game in a big way and I am CURVY so I am so picky about my pants in general but the last two pair I have bought from there I was in love. I'll be wearing these out this Fall and Winter for sure! They are definitely a must have for back to school too so don't miss out!


I loved the peach/coral tone in the floral embroidery so I paired the denim with this slinky peach top from Old Navy and finished the look with one of my favorite Fall booties from Charlotte Russe. BONUS: The opening of the booties also have white embroidered lace on them so I don't think the pictures really do justice to the detail but I adore this look!


And of course I have to have my pineapples somehow and I recently picked up this little gem by Slant Collections. You can click the pic to shop it now! It looks so small which is why I liked carrying it on a little trip, but would you believe that my phone, sunglasses, ID, debit card, lip gloss and a pack of bobby pins are in this bag right now? CRAZY right? It felt like Mary Poppins' bag when I went looking for my lipgloss in there. lol. 


Although I am head over heels for these jeans, I think these pictures made me realize here in the south we still have a little while before we'll be in denim (or at least myself). It is HOT and HUMID as a mug here. If anyone out there has any special products they use in their hair on a riDONKulously humid day I would appreciate the suggestion! I'm always up for trying new things, and my hair is very thick so when it's humid my head feels like it gains 100lbs. 


You can click all the pics to shop the items. You will not be disappointed! There are some other ones I've seen out there too that I have my eye on so you might see some of those pop up on my Instagram soon. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any favorite embroidered denim out there in the fashionsphere! 










Nicki Odom


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