Happy First Day of Spring Fashion

Wednesday, March 20, 2019



 Happy First Day of Spring!



Although today is cloudy, a bit misty, and a high of 48 degrees (part of the charm in variable weather of NC), I could not be more excited to step into this new season and start months of warm weather and outdoor activities. We have been trying to do a lot lately around town and find events happening locally, but the opportunity to just go to a park and play outside has been so few and far between because the weather has just been so crazy and chilly. 


But here we are, first day of Spring 2019 with so many changes happening in the Odom household. Caroline is holding full on jibber-jabbing conversations daily, Morgan and I are still working on closing on our first home, and I have been full on planning for this Abaco trip everyday after work. I have outfits, bathing suits, and lots of baby things laid out all over Caroline's nursery because I am trying to be as smart as possible with packing since it will just be she and I. To say I'm a little nervous would be an understatement. I just don't like being without, I ALWAYS overpack and then come back from a trip saying, "wow I literally only wore 3 of the 7 outfits I packed." lol Anyone else experience this dilemma?!


Anywho... I am so in love with this outfit I recently picked up, and am obsessing over a new company I discovered via a friend on IG called GigiPip. Once I looked through their collection I immediately chose a new addition to my hat collection and know I will be adding more soon. This is not sponsored, I just have a big things with hats and love finding reliable places that sell stylish chapeaus. It's the Bre Ivory - Stiff Straw Pork Pie Hat and is sold out in this color at the moment but does come in another color!


Unfortunately my whole outfit is sold out/shops are going out of business, which, I want to talk about how crazy it is with so many affordable brick-and-mortar places going out of business?! That's a blog topic for another day, but in my town I feel like these stores are dropping like flies. My dress is from Charlotte Russe and my shoes are Christian Siriano sold at Payless. Both stores I could always piece together a cute look for a very affordable price. Looks like I have to find a new go-to for a quick new stylish look, but I could always rely on those stores to find something cute quick. I've linked similar looks below! 


Also I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANNE! Today is my mother-in-law's birthday! Love you! 


Happy Happy Spring everyone. <3



My Spring Floral Dress Faves




My Spring Style Shoe Faves










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