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Friday, March 15, 2019






 Caroline enjoying the market. Check out her big girl shoes :D

The weather is finally warming up a bit here so we ventured out on Sunday to check out the Downtown Market of Fayetteville and the new colorful walls and buildings that are popping up all over. I have been hoping for so long that downtown would get some color and I recently linked up with Meraki Creative Agency on Instagram, a group pushing the color and artistry movement in the downtown area. There are so many spots downtown to snap some fun shots and it's only going to get better, I could NOT be more excited! But more on that later...


We checked out the Downtown Market on Anderson street because we had been following their social media and I couldn't take one more second of not checking out their flower selection. One thing I truly miss about living in Raleigh was Trader Joe's for their cheaper wine selection and the most amazing flower market. I used to make trips to Trader Joe's weekly sometimes to fill up another vase because I felt like the pretty one at home needed a friend. Other than the chain grocery stores, there weren't very many options to walk into a market and collect a bouquet. This little market tucked away off Hay st. has a nice selection of Spring stems as well as other local products. From honey, to coffee, and cute graphic shirts, they have so many cute things it was hard to focus on my bouquet. 


This farm to table shop had Morgan's head spinning because they sold local milk, cheese, and eggs, and he used to always get fresh local milk from Whole Foods in Raleigh. Now he has a new milk supplier! :) The shop also had the sweetest collection of items for your fur baby like collars, homemade treats, and even food! We'll be coming back to pick up Roxy a treat or two. 


So after we perused their goodies, I brought my focus back to the bouquet. You can create your own bouquet or they have a really great program where you can buy a mason jar vase already made, and bring it back for refills at a lower price! The mason jars come in two different sizes and many different colors it was so hard to choose my favorite one. But the owner, Johanna, helped me make the decision by saying if I changed my mind on mason jar choice I could switch it out on my next refill visit! We pieced together the most beautiful combination of eucalyptus, daises, and more to form the beautiful little spring arrangement below.  


After we picked out the perfect bouquet, that is still going strong a week later I might add, we ventured out to walk around downtown a little more and enjoy the warm weather. Like i said before, I am ecstatic about all the color popping up down there so of course I had to do a little runway walk in my new favorite spring skirt. <3 You can shop the entire outfit below too! I look forward to exploring more areas of downtown Fayetteville, and my upcoming refill for my new vase. Check out Downtown Market when you can!






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