Five Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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So, you were asked to be a bridesmaid in a good friend or family member’s wedding? Congratulations! Being a bridesmaid is a very exciting and memorable experience, and allows you to support your favorite bride by helping her plan for, and stand by her on, one of the biggest and most important days of her life. I have been a maid/matron of honor 3 times, and a bridesmaid 4, so when I watched 27 Dresses it was all too relatable. Even though I felt bad for Jane, she was the epitome of what a Bride needs on her big day. As a bridesmaid, there are many different ways you can help out the bride. Here are a few suggestions that I’ve compiled from my own personal experience:


Keep The Bride Calm

Weddings are something that many girls think about throughout their entire childhoods. By the time the day rolls around, the bride will often have a clear picture in her mind of what she expects to happen. Not only is this nerve wracking, but if something does not go according to plan, it can set off a full blown bride-panic. I can speak from experience that even the most “together” bride can have her emotional breakdown. As one of the bride’s close friends or family members, you likely know her well enough to know what she needs to hear or do in these times of stress. Bridesmaids play a crucial role in keeping the bride calm on wedding day, and helping everything run as smoothly as possible.


Choose The Venue

If the bride and groom want your help, you should definitely help them choose the venue and for that matter, the vendors, as well. The venue is a huge decision in the wedding planning process and it’s easier to make such a big decision with a second (or third) set of eyes helping the bride and groom out.


For example, last year, I had a friend that was a bridesmaid in a wedding and she helped her brother and sister-in-law choose their beautiful wedding venue. They were very back and forth on places, but when my friend gave her opinion and thoughts, they finally landed on the most gorgeous wedding venue in NC, Jeter Mountain Farm. With 5,000 apple trees, a peach orchard, a berry patch, and over 20 acres of tomatoes, Jeter Mountain Farm operates as not only a wedding venue in Hendersonville, NC, but also a running farm, which is so neat! Established in 2005 by the Hunsader family, but dating back to 1813, the farm has a long history and lots of love to share to every bride and groom. “Our prayer is that each and every couple would go on the have long blessed marriages, and remember every moment they spent here with a smile,” says Zach and Kayla Hunsader. Now, their goal is to provide other couples with the wedding experience of their dreams at Jeter Mountain Farm.


Offer an Honest Opinion

One thing that no one can plan a wedding without facing is having to make LOTS of decisions. Some brides might be the queens of decision-making, but if they are anything like me, making decisions doesn’t come quite as easily - especially big decisions like ones you need to make for a day as special as a wedding. Between the dresses, flowers, a color scheme, catering - the list goes on and on - there are SO many decisions to be made. If you were asked to be a bridesmaid, you are probably very close with the bride and/or groom. Having close friends or family to go to, whom they know will provide an honest opinion rather than just agreeing with whatever they think, is invaluable. Be honest, but friendly! Don’t agree with everything but understand that at the end of the day it is the bride and groom’s decision.


Be The “Go To” Person For Questions

On the days leading up to the wedding and especially on the day of the wedding, the bride and groom cannot answer each and every question thrown their way because that would be so insanely stressful. Instead, you should step up as a bridesmaid and offer a helping hand. Be the go to person for any questions that guests might have. The questions you will receive will most likely be very simple questions such as, “What time does the ceremony start?” and “What should I wear?” Those questions should not be of concern to the bride and groom when they are in the final days leading up to the wedding. Instead, if you answer all of the small questions that everyone has, this frees up their time to really soak it all in and enjoy their big day. One thing I have done for brides in the past is take over their phone completely on the day of. I gave mine to my maid of honor on my big day as well. The influx of messages gets overwhelming and no bride needs extra stress on her wedding day. As a bridesmaid, step up and kindly ask if the bride would like to give out your phone number to anyone with questions, or ask the bride if you can handle her phone to respond to questions so she doesn’t have to think about that. It’s a small act that goes a long way.


No one bridesmaid is perfect, unless you’re Jane of course, but there are so many ways you can come just as close! Try these tips when your bridesmaid duty days come and see how much love the bride sends your way.





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