How to Brighten Your Home With Nearly Natural

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had the best long weekend like we did. We got SO much done around the house it was a very fulfilling but tiring weekend. A little update on the house is that the bedrooms are coming along great! We've been working on finishing the master and guest bedrooms, switched the beds around this weekend, and now I'll be focusing on update the guest room colors and decor this week! But today I wanted to share with you one of the simplest ways I find to brighten your home when you are not sure what to do with a space, and that is fill it with greenery! 


I have teamed up with Nearly Natural to show you just how easy it is to bring life into your living spaces, even when you do not have a green thumb like me! I have never had any luck keeping real plants alive in the home, but always love to have the feeling of living greenery surrounding me, so what better way than to spruce your rooms up with the next best thing? Nearly Natural offers a huge variety of faux plants and foliage, floral arrangements, wreaths, and the list goes on. 


Two areas I always recommend having greenery to liven up is the living room, and dining areas. I also knew I wanted a large part of our master bedroom to be focused around an earthy, plant based vibe. With the help from Nearly Natural, our bedroom is everything I was hoping it would be! Let's go through how we livened up our spaces with the wonderful artificial plants and fake trees, ones you would never know are fake unless you look extra close!



The first must have everyone needs is a neutral, seasonal agnostic wreath. One that can be cycled during any season, and with the Magnolia Wreath I am able to use it from Spring into Fall, keeping it updated throughout the seasons. I even repurposed it as a centerpiece during a dinner party and got so many compliments on it! I love the oversized Magnolia flowers and how neutral the colors are to go with any decor you have in your home. You can how I styled it in the pictures below. Although I do love it as a centerpiece, pulling up and seeing it on my front door everyday brings me so much joy!


Another way to brighten a space is by investing in a good, oversized hanging plant. We went with the Fittonia Artificial Plant in Hanging Cone Basket in green to bring life into Caroline's play corner. We are waiting on some shelves and her toy bin at the moment so her little corner is still in progress, but the Fittonia gives it such a pretty and lively detail hanging over where she plays. We've also hung this in my office space I am currently working on, and it looks great in there too. So I highly recommend getting this one for that special touch you need for those empty corners. I especially recommend empty corners near natural light because this Fittonia Plant looks SO real, it looks like it needs natural light! The leaves feel real to touch and has faked out a few guests already. It's one of my favorite pieces for sure.


We decided to go with a bohemian, beachy vibe in our master bedroom and what better way to amplify that then to add a beautiful Paradise Palm Plant to pull in the beachy greenery I was hoping for. If you watch my stories on Instagram, you see the Paradise Palm Artificial Tree in White Planter with Stand in all of my try ons or mirror pictures, and I am constantly being asked where this plant is from. I absolutely love how it has brought the feeling of the coast to our bedroom and the planter is comes with is so chic it ties perfectly with the bohemian decor. This is a must have for any beach inspired home, or coastal loving interior designer out there who needs to brighten a room with some extra life! 


The last space I believe everyone should add greenery to is the living room. I knew I wanted something, again, neutral to all decor and could fit in with the changing seasons, so we added the Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree in Farmhouse Planter to our living area. I love how this faux plant offers the perfect combination of farmhouse with a touch of tropical with the slender trunk, and life-like wide leaves at the top. The farmhouse planter fits in great with the boho farmhouse look we have throughout the first floor of our home and I have been moving the plant from beside the console table against the wall (pictured) and off from our fireplace. It looks so great in both spots but I landed on the console table next to the window because even though the Fiddle Leaf Tree is artificial, I like the idea of making it seem like it still needs natural lighting. It gives guests a warm welcome when they walk in the door which is a home decor win for me!


So there you have it! Super simple ways to liven up your living spaces with Nearly Natural silk flowers, artificial plants, and fake trees. I highly recommend their products because all of the ones we received were amazing quality and are seriously, so close to the real thing, your guests won't be able to tell the difference. If you use PINEAPPLE20 at checkout you will receive 20% off your order! 












































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