Huntington Beach State Park, SC {The Atalaya Pt. 2}

Monday, May 8, 2017



After you finish exploring the trails, the shops, the beach, and the waterway, you have to take a look inside the castle before you leave! Entering the Atalaya was such a beautiful sight to take in. From the bright turquoise door to the long, arched breezeway, and the open courtyard filled with all types of amazing flowers and vines, I didn't know where to even begin exploring! The breezeway was so interesting as you walk it you discover just how old the brickwork is. I love visiting places like this because of the life associated with historic places. I could imagine the family that used to live there and walking around the courtyard I fell in love with the open and airy atmosphere. I think I'm obsessed with this Moorish architecture and would love to incorporate it into a home for my future family. :) 

Because we were visiting a castle I wanted to dress for the occasion. If you haven't already discovered, I am a maxi obsessed girly girl, so of course I wanted to wear something as regal as I could but still practical and of course beachy. What better than a floral,sassy little number like this from Express?! I love it so much because of how light it is and the print is perfect for Spring and for the beach. Whether it's a skirt or a dress, maxis are the best for looking chic but not being too overdressed. You can shop this dress here! I finished the look with those fun little white tassel earrings to bring out the pops of white within the dress. I will definitely get some great use out of those this summer as white can be worn with anything! You can find these earrings here. They're so fun and bold I just could not pass them up!

This dress made me feel so sassy and comfortable I did a little dance while we were exploring. :) Twirling is one of my secret specialties. There is really nothing in this world more girly than taking a moment to practice a sassy twirl. All girls should make this part of their day, at least once, maybe in the morning when you wake up, taking a break during your work day, celebrate your inner fierceness with a confident and carefree twirl. :) Twirls can be like exercise, exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, thanks Elle Woods for the sage advice! Ok ending my twirl rant now..





Each room inside the castle had a description of what it once was from the owner's bedroom, to pantry, to servants' quarters, to the kitchen which was nothing but a giant fireplace and open brick room. My husband loves to cook so when I asked him if he could prepare meals in a place like that he thought it may propose a bit of a challenge. He likes the comfort of his "special knives that I'm not allowed to touch" and gas stove to assist him in his amazing cheffing capabilities.

One thing I am certain of is I will ABSOLUTELY have greenery walls like these in my home. You can actually buy floral or greenery panels by the square now to create a wall like this one, and although it would be much more expensive then attempting to grow my own I may resort to that because I definitely do not have a green thumb! It's just so beautiful and such a natural decor to brighten any space of a home. I'm thinking definitely somewhere on a porch would be perfect for something like this. 






We finished up the tour of the rooms and explored more of the inside courtyard before we left. At this point we were starving and had a hankering for burgers and hot dogs. We googled restaurants around us and stumbled upon this AMAZING little place on the edge of Murrells Inlet called Poppy's. Seriously guys, if you are in that area and are wanting some delicious burgers and hot dogs you've got to check this place out!! All different kinds of burgers and dogs to choose from and onion rings fried to perfection. Oh my gosh I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Needless to say, we were very happy customers when we left. :)


To wrap up my experience at Huntington Beach State Park it is something great to do with the family when you're looking to explore, take pictures, and go to the beach. It does cost to get in and a little extra to visit inside the castle, but we thought it was worth it and found out some interesting things about SC that we never knew! If you're someone who enjoys historic landmarks, exploring new places, and photography then you should absolutely go to this park. It's a day well spent and you can even bring your pets so it's fun for everyone! Until next time.. 


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