International Women's Day 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019

Women are pretty wonderful beings. Thinking about all the things women go through, or have gone through to be where our gender is today is phenomenal. International Women's Day has been deemed a national celebration on March 8th every year. The day began its celebrating back in 1910 when an International Socialist Woman's Conference in NY suggested a Women's Day be held annually, and what a great idea that turned out to be. Now this day focuses on the #BalanceForBetter which is the movement to "build a gender-balanced world." This excites me, not only because I am raising a daughter in this crazy world, but because of the many women throughout history that inspired me, who I know would be so proud to join in on the action of creating a better world for women. Women have made so much progress over time towards this feat, and although there are still many gender bias existing, I believe there is hope for the future. The future is an exciting and mysterious beast but open to every possibility, and I believe it only takes a group of unified voices to make a change. 


All the many social, economical, political, and cultural achievements over the years have been nothing but inspiration and motivation to strive for more, be more, and give more. From Madame Curie, to Rosa Parks, Jane Austen, to Josephine Butler, these few heros of mine paved roads for women to make markers of their own in this world. It really makes me think about what marker I plan on leaving in my own world?



There seems to be so much pressure these days to be a "boss babe" and "girl boss" and run your own business. Those are all wonderful and I applaud every woman making a name for herself, I truly want to find ways in which I can make a difference. Making a true impact on my or generations before mine to be a strong, confident woman and grow up feeling like they can do anything if they work hard, stay positive, and don't try to be like anyone else. The women I named above did just that. They weren't trying to be like any one else. They were the shadow makers, innovators, and forward thinkers. That's what I want to be and I encourage all women to be. 


I believe every woman has a gift for this world. Sure it may be similar to someone else, but the deliverance may be different or the outcome divergent. Just like Caroline's shirt says, "Girls Can Do Anything" if they work at it hard it enough and can learn to work together. If we as women can focus on lifting each other up rather than constantly competing and comparing, just imagine the wonders we could accomplish. There are so many quotes floating about in the webosphere about women supporting women, but my current favorite comes from a new favorite song of mine by Maren Morris called "Girl": 


"Draw your comparisons, tryin' to find who's lesser than
I don't wanna wear your crown, there's enough to go around

What you feel is natural 
You don't gotta put up with this anymore 
Pick yourself up off the kitchen floor 
Tell me what you waitin' for?"




Lyrics and singing out hit most passionately for me and lately I have this song blasting every time I get in the car. The truth is, I don't want to wear your crown because there IS enough to go around.


There should be a better balance for the gender norms of today, but like all great things, it takes time. So I will continue to raise my daughter how my mother raised me, fearless, wild, strong, with wisdom, authentic, optimistic, and full of kindness. Let's build each other up ladies today and everyday and work toward a bright future for the strong women we are raising.


Cheers to all the women around the world to being marvelous creatures of this universe! <3


Happy International Women's Day!






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