Our Little 11 Month Old

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I CANNOT believe our baby is almost 1 year old. This is nuts. Time is a thief! This past month has been a whirlwind of different things for Caroline, but she has sincerely taken it like a baby champ. From long car rides, to moving into our new home, to her first flight AND international travel, she has taken it in strides and I could not be more pride and feel more blessed to have been given this sweet angel. Just on our trip alone she has blossomed into a little person with so many new things she's into:


- Pulling up to stand

- Eating EVERYTHING. This one has been really fun because for a while she would always cough or choke a little when we gave her small pieces of what we were eating, but since our vacation, she literally eats everything (small pieces of course) like a champ! Even spicy stuff!

- Blabbing in long sentences. We love holding "conversations" with her :)

- Crawling so fast it's like now you see me now you don't

- Two teeth coming in the middle bottom (so not super fun, especially at night, but she's getting teefies!)

- Passing things back and forth

- Rolling a ball

- Walking with mommy or daddy's help

- Sleeping on her stomach

- Laughing so hard during peek-a-boo

- Being center of attention where ever she goes

- Giving mommy and daddy open-mouth kisses

- Singing in the car

- Smiling every time mama gets the camera out

- Following Roxy around the new house

- Eating beach sand (this does not make for fun diapers)

- Playing with seashells

- Chewing on everything


And there is so much more! I really feel like this month she grew up a lot, or hit a major spurt of development because it was like a lot of firsts happened all at once. Was is the same for your little ones? And of course they happened while on vacation and not in the comfort of our familiar surroundings. But she is such a great travel companion which I hope to show you over the next couple of posts!


Next one of these will be her FIRST BIRTHDAY OMG!! Time slow down!!









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