Our Little 1 Month Old

Sunday, July 1, 2018


We are celebrating this little girl being 1 month now (technically one month and a week but I didn't get the pics I wanted last week) and all the wonderful things she's brought to our lives.


Little Caroline is already developing her personality with sticking her tongue out a lot and she LOVES to have her arms over her head. She lays that way casually and sleeps that way all the time. She gets it honest from her mama :).

She's in the "cluster feeding" phase and has her mama on her toes basically every two hours either breastfeeding or pumping.

She loves when her daddy swaddles her tight and sleeps the longest when he does.

She loves being outside, even though it's a heat index of 103 almost everyday, the best way to calm her down is to take her outside. She will just lay around and listen to all the sounds and try to look up at the sky.

She loves being on Grandma and Grandpas boat. The ocean breeze put her right to sleep.

She is fascinated by the sound of her voice she's developing. I think she surprises herself a lot when she yells or grunts. It's so funny to watch.

She gets the toots like her daddy. :)

She is (luckily) very good about going from breastfeeding to bottles and using a pacifier (we call it her "mammy" because the MAM brand is the ONLY ones that have been successful for her little mouth). 

Her legs are so strong I'm pretty sure she will be one of those babies that skip the crawling phase and go straight to walking (Lord help us).

Her hair was very dark at birth but is lightening up a lot to a light brown shade.

Her eyes are a very steel gray/blue like her daddy.

She LOVES taking baths. We are excited by this because we were hoping she was going to be a water baby and I believe our prayers were answered for this because she loves sitting in the water and being washed off. She gets the cutest look on her face of enjoyment.

She currently sleeps really well on her first stretch at bedtime. Sometimes we put her down to sleep at 10 and she sleeps until 4 AM! I find that a win!

We love the book The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin, although it's hard for mama to get through it without tearing up! Who else finds they can't get through some children's books without getting emotional?!


Those are some fun facts about our little Caroline in her one month of life and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!

We took her to church today for the first time and she did great! Granted we only really stayed for our Sunday school class but we want to transition her slowly and not overwhelm her with people. Our church has been SOO amazing with giving Caro gifts and bringing us meals at home we want to show her off and let her meet everyone very soon!


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