Our Little 10 Month Old!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019






Caroline is now 10 months old! I feel like that 9-10 month time range flew past and she had a huge growth spurt in between. She's wearing 12 month clothing now and growing out of her 9 month sizes rapidly. She is developing such a little personality and we're pretty sure she is going to be a singer like her mama :). Here are a few of her current favorites: 


- Singing at the top of her lungs

- Eating mashed banana

- Baby yoga (lots of downward facing dog)

- Crawling a little ways

- Being outside

- Standing up and holding on to something

- Taking steps while holding mommy or daddy's hands

- Saying Dada most of the time and Mama when she's upset

- Walking Roxy (she loves holding the leash when we walk her)

- Watching Roxy run around the house

- Jumping in her Bright Starts jumpee

- Riding in the stroller on walks outside

- Throwing EVERYTHING off of her high chair tray

- Sipping water out of a big-girl cup

- Pulling her socks off as soon as mommy puts them on

- Saying Bababa all day long

- Playing tickle monster 

- LOVES when daddy cooks cauliflower rice


I'm sure there are more I am missing that I can't think of right now because her personality has evolved so much lately. I can tell that she is definitely thinking things through a little more lately and testing her boundaries. I just can't get over how fast time flies. I can't believe she has almost been with us a full year. Time is just unreal. But we have truly felt blessed for every second we have with her. She is our little angel for sure. I've already started planning her birthday party too! I'll be letting you know the theme in the next monthly update for Caroline post. :) Let's just say there will be a lot of pink, and maybe some feathers.. So stay tuned!


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