Our Little 2 Month Old

Wednesday, July 25, 2018



Today our little Caroline is 2 months old! She's getting longer, heavier, and more personality everyday! Check out her smiles<3!!


Here are a few of her favorite things:


- Her Daddy's "babeburrito" (super awesome swaddle skills that helps her sleep for hours)

- Lots of MILK

- Hearing her own voice. She starts ooooing and giggles just a little bit and smiles like crazy

- Sophie the Giraffe 

- Getting her babeburrito and napping in the rocker

- The ocean breeze

- Her cousins Hannah and Chloe

- Golf cart rides

- Stretching her arms out as long as she can

- Staring at the ceiling fan

- Looking at herself in the mirror (she talks to herself a lot) <3


Morgan and I love spending time just holding our fake conversations with her because when she gets going with her noises it is THE CUTEST thing I've ever seen. I have so many videos I barely have any space left on my phone already. We have learned so much but still have a lot more to discover and get the hang of for this parenting chapter of our lives. She is an amazing little girl already and I can't . believe it's been 2 months since we were at that hospital welcoming her into the world. I'm STILL working on my birth story, long story short there was a glitch in my blog portal that somehow deleted what I had written so far so I had to start over :(, and it's probably my longest blog post yet. I'm hoping to have it up either later this week or beginning of next! Stay tuned and happy Wednesday!


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