Our Little 9 Month Old!

Monday, February 25, 2019


We just cannot believe Caroline has officially been with us for as long as I carried her! Everyday she discovers something new, some new sound, new behavior, new tastes. As she grows and grows she is beginning to show a little personality and it's finally something I can say, HEY THAT'S ME! hahah. That moment when your child looks exactly like her daddy and then she starts showing the sass and you're like, "therree it is!!"


To celebrate this wonderful milestone Caroline dressed up in her current favorite tutu from Kidbox, sent to her in her Babybox and she loves it! If you want to order a box for your little ones, be sure to use my code for a special discount off your first box! Code is PINEAPPLE and gets you 15% off!


She is our little ball of energy these days and loves to hear herself talk, then again so do we:). Here are a few of her current faves, followed by some of her current not-so-favorite things we've recognized as her little personality starts to show!


Current Faves:

- Saying "hiiiii"

- Waving and saying hi

- Clapping her hands

- Laughing at her own reflection

- Waving at her own reflection

- Smiling at strangers

- Jumping in her jumpee

- Riding on "Ellie" her push or ride elephant toy

- Being outside

- Watching Roxy run around the house

- Foods: Sweet potatos, any berry flavored things, mashed potato, blueberry puffs, boiled egg

- Putting her toes in her mouth

- gnawing on a larger raw carrot

- Chewing on everything

- Sleeping with her binkie


Current Not-So-Faves:

- Foods: Peas, brown rice & lentils mixture

- Being on her stomach for too long


There is probably so much more but those are off the top of my head. We are still on tooth watch, and don't have any in sight as of this morning, but she has definitely started drooling a lot more than usual and gnaws on her gummee toys like crazy so we're thinking that is coming soon! When did your little ones first tooth come in? I hear all different kinds of things, and know it depends on the baby, but our girl definitely has some strong gums because she can certainly chew through a lot of things!













































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