Our Little 3 Month Old!

Saturday, August 25, 2018




We just cannot believe how fast time is flying by. It still feels like we just brought her back from the hospital last week(this sentence will probably be repeated multiple times as I blog about this little squish and our lives). She is 3 months old today and has continued to develop the best personality. She mimics our smiles and loves to hear her own voice. She's steadily gaining weight and her body so getting so long! It's a little sad because her newborn onesies, which was all she could fit in for the majority of her life so far, now are tightly stretched on her when we try to put one on her.


Here are a few of her favorite things:

- She has discovered her hands and hands are LIFE. She loves stretching them out, looking at them and sucking on them.

- She's started drooling which is absolutely adorable but I think may lead to teething

- She's going through a growth spurt because she eats 4+ ounces every two hours

- She will nap for hours during the day, especially if there's a lot of noise.. why that is I have no idea!

- Going outside is still her favorite 

- She grabs for things. We lay her on her activity mat and she'll reach up for the toys and grab them and it makes us feel like she just graduated Valedictorian from High School hahaha. #firsttimeparents

- I think she is going to be really tall because her legs and torso are SO long and she loves to kick those feet.

- She's been in the pool 3 times this summer and she is a water baby 100%. I had her in just the other day and held her out where her lower half was under water and her feet were just kicking away and she was smiling. I'm so excited that she loves the water so much!


I love being able to document our little one and her milestones as she grows. I couldn't decide between some of these pictures that I took so I hope you enjoy the overload of cuteness as you scroll through. I added in one of she and I hanging out outside after the shoot. Even though I haven't showered, have spit up running down my shirt and my hairs a mess I want to document us together always. 


Thank you for reading! If you know of someone that might enjoy reading or following the DIY and Fashion portion of the blog I would love it if you would share with them!


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