Top Second Trimester Must Haves

Wednesday, January 31, 2018






1. Pineapple Planner - Rosie & Co.




My number one item I keep by side always is my new day planner I was given on my birthday from my great friends, Ashley and Carlos. There are so many things I love about it I probably won't put EVERYTHING or else this whole post would be just about the planner, but you guys, this thing is perfect! Especially if you're someone like me who loves to plan. You can plan by the whole month, by the week, and down to the hour in a day each month in this book. It says this planner is meant for military spouses but I think it's also awesome for any super busy person, mom, or expectant mother who has a lot on their plate. Another feature I LOVE about it is that you write in the days and months for when you want the year to begin. For example, I just got it on my birthday which is Dec 31, so obviously I'm going to start it on Jan. 1, but sometimes you get 2017-2018 Planners already with months and days printed in them, and half of the book would have been wasted because 2017 is already gone. So I really loved that nothing was going to be wasted. Finally, at the beginning of every month there is space for financial planning (which is my main resolution this year, to get that in check which is a whole other post coming soon), and there's spaces for different goals like spirituality, fitness, business & career, and much more!


You can literally plan out what you wish to achieve in every aspect of your life for the whole month. You better believe June is already filled with fitness goals to get this body back in shape postpartum! The size of the planner is perfect because I like to write a lot and most of the time I run out of space in those small planners. And of course, PINEAPPLES! need I say more on that? .. I recommend for anyone who wants to get their life organized, snatch one of these up for yourself, buy yourself a pack of fun colored pens from the Dollar Tree, make some tea one night and go to town. Maybe I'm just a nerd, but those nights are the absolute most relaxing for me. :) Thanks again Ash and Los for my gift!!





2. Crane Humidifier


For the past two weeks I have been battling a nasty head cold. This weather always brings out the worst in our immune systems, and normally my body is always up for the challenge as I am VERY big on Vitamin C, however, growing a baby during this season can really take a toll on how strong your immune system can be, so I've found that adding a humidifier has helped me immensely in so many ways. From feeling like I'm breathing better, to Morgan not complaining as much about my pregnancy snoring, it has really changed the way I feel, especially when I wake up in the morning. I highly recommend this to anyone, but especially those expecting mommas out there, this could really work wonders with some little problems you may be facing this time of year. We decided on The Crane because of the amount of space it can cover, it's completely silent, and the tank is very large (so less refills throughout the week).











3. Isabel Maternity™ by Ingrid & Isabel® Dark Wash Jeans


Although leggings are a girl's best friend, I knew I needed to find a good pair of denim so I wasn't living this entire pregnancy like a total fashion heathen. These inset panel jeans from Target are perfectly comfortable to wear on a daily basis and pair with almost anything. The stretchy panels on the sides have also allowed these to last me the entire pregnancy so far. We'll see how I feel when I'm a month for D-Day. :) 












4. U-Shape Full Body Pillow by PharMeDoc


This has literally been a huge life saver. I had to have this because of the fact that it covered every part of the body, where some other maternity pillows have an open gap either on your back or stomach depending on how you place it. I realized early on that I needed support for my tummy and my back at the same time while sleeping to be able to totally relax and get some sleep. It's also awesome for sitting up and having support. You use the back part to prop you up and wrap the long sides around you and it was perfect for setting a book on, or my laptop. It really came in handy when I got a cold at the beginning of my second trimester and I couldn't breathe when laying down. My husband would prop me up with it and bring me tea and it was amazing. It's ALSO going to be perfect for feeding baby. When it's wrapped around you it's the perfect height for breast feeding or giving a bottle.








5. Nothing's Urgent - Combination Skin Body Lotion


I thought because my mother didn't have the dreaded stretch marks with her pregnancies meant that I was not going to have them. Although I've heard they are hereditary, anyone can get them if they gain weight too fast during pregnancy. I noticed I started developing some recently and read all about what can help that skin bounce back or become more elastic for all the changes it has to go through. Aside from the obvious change of eating better, exercise, and maintaining my weight, I read about lotions containing natural oils being another great and healthy way to help that skin recoup its original look. I got this lotion from Snowy Owl Cove a few months ago, but I've been using it a lot more during my pregnancy and I can tell a huge difference over the course of just one week of using it on my stretch marks! I love that it is all natural and to put the cherry on top they are local! They have a shop in Durham, NC so shop local people! 






6. Not Your Mother's® Clean Freak® Dry Shampoo


I've only tried one other kind of dry shampoo in my life, but the Not Your Mother's brand is definitely doing the trick for this lazy, second trimester, FTM. I have really long hair, and with all the vitamins I'm taking it seems to grow an inch everyday, so needless to say fixing my hair after a shower can take FOREVER. Ask my husband, I love the results, but I am the biggest whiner when it comes to getting ready and doing my hair. This is where dry shampoo comes in to save my life. I am definitely one to go a couple of days without washing my hair, but I've noticed throughout the pregnancy that my willingness to shower and wash my hair grows less and less. So if you're in the same situation I highly recommend this dry shampoo to give you a little lift when you're going on that second, third, or fourth day of unwashed hair.








7. Lipton Green Tea Bags With Mint


In attempt to try and not drink so much coffee, I've been drinking tea in the morning or at night. I have found the green tea with mint is really yummy and I got hooked on it when I had my cold. I haven't given up coffee completely, but in these cold months I love having a warm cup of tea in the morning.












8. Ribbed Long Cardigan


Being a FTM, pregnancy has made me a little self conscious about my body, and although I know it's changes for the greater good, it still has its uncomfortable aspects. Luckily my second trimester was during the winter months so my constant want to cover up as much as possible was easily attained. This has been my favorite cardigan throughout the second trimester because it goes with everything and looks chic layered with almost anything. This is the color I got but it also comes in black and I probably would have bought that too if I didn't already have two black cardigans close to this style. I wish they would have made this in more colors, I probably would have bought them all!














9. What To Expect App


Not really much I need to say about this other than it's awesome for tips and facts about the progression of your pregnancy. I love the pictures and keeping up with how big my baby is compared to fruits and vegetables :). It also has really cute videos each week of your pregnancy to tell you about baby's progression. It's got everything and I highly recommend it to keep up with random questions you may have along the way!












I know this is sappy, but I am already a crying emotional human being pre-pregnancy, but with all these changes and hormones it has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I've always been a very independent person and like to do things for myself, but for all the times i had to move or lift things or want to work on projects I've had to lean on him (and my mom) to help me per doctor's orders. It's really difficult to feel like you can't do a lot of things but honestly that's what become a parent is about. You have to lean on your spouse to tack up the slack that you just can't keep up. And I'm lucky enough to have one very willing to help whenever I need him :). Love you Mo <3









I am so over the moon excited to meet our first little baby Odom! For all the FTMs out there I hope some of these second trimester must haves help make your pregnancy a little more comfortable. Leave a message on your favorite second trimester must haves! 


Happy Hump Day! XOXO

- Nicki



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