Baby's First Museum Experience

Tuesday, February 19, 2019






This past weekend we took Caroline up to Raleigh to spend the day checking out the museums and meeting up with friends. I had forgotten just how enormous the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences was! There was so much to do, we actually didn't plan enough time for each place. Each floor had something different to discover and there are a total of 4 floors spread out between two giant buildings! Four hours of walking flew by before we knew it and we were hungry for lunch without even realizing how late it was getting. They had everything from climate studies, to dinosaurs, to state ecological facts, and live animals! That's definitely where Caroline liked to spend most of her time, right next to the big aquariums. She made a little yellow finned friend while we were there that kept coming up close to her and staring at her over and over. It was the funniest thing. You can see more when you watch the video below. Her face when she got up to that aquarium was absolutely priceless.


Morgan and I went to UNC Chapel Hill for undergrad and then lived in Raleigh for years after we graduated. We moved back to our home town for job opportunities, but miss Raleigh everyday! Luckily it's not too far away that we can't make a day of driving up and discovering different places. I know Fayetteville is expanding and building a lot, and we could not be more excited about all the fun changes here, but Raleigh will always have our hearts! We plan to go back soon to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art and when Caroline gets old enough, the Marbles Kids Museum


At first we were a bit sad when planning this trip because the weather had recently been so beautiful and warm and sunny, and the Saturday we planned to go it dropped to 40s and rainy. But since we were inside the whole day at museums it worked out more perfectly than we thought. Caroline, the little trooper that she always is, stayed awake the whole time we were in the museum with no crying (from 9 am - 1pm!) and fell asleep as soon as we got back to the car to head to lunch. We've also improved in our packing skills for days like today as we went prepared for anything and with enough food for her for a week!(just incase:) ). But we spent half the day at the museum and then met up with friends for lunch at the new Morgan Street Food Hall. I highly recommend checking that place out, but not on a Saturday because it was a mad-house. We hung around long enough for most of the people to leave. When it wasn't over crowded it was so fun to hang, talk, and really get to see what all was available there. The concept of this place is basically, if a mall food court and a rally of food trucks made babies and let them play in a urban supermarket. The food stops to choose from are unique, meaning no chain fast food, and you wait in lines to order like food court or trucks, then take your items out to find a seat cafeteria style. Even though we had to sit outside in the 40 degree drizzle weather, the patio was covered and heated so we still had a great time.


If you are trying to plan some fun activities and don't know what to do I highly suggest taking a day like this one because other than the gas it was very inexpensive overall (which gas isn't bad right now either ;)), the whole family had a great time, and slept like Caroline when we got home. What are you favorite things to do in your city? Or do you travel to do day trips too? I would love to hear! 


Thanks for reading friends. <3










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