The VIP Experience at NC Courage Game

Wednesday, October 16, 2019






We received these tickets from Coastal Credit Union through the NC Blogger Network, in exchange for sharing our experience. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This weekend we had the privilege to experience the NC Courage Women's Soccer team play Sky Blue from the VIP section courtesy of Coastal Credit Union via The NC Blogger Network. Coastal Credit Union was having their annual Family and Friends Day so Caroline and I got to start our time at WakeMed Soccer Park strolling through a cotton candy scented fair ground atmosphere. We stopped and watched kids play carnival games and ride the rides, it truly was like a mini State Fair. Morgan had a prior commitment so he was unable to come but one of my best friends stepped in and was so happy to join us. She was able to catch me up on all the player bios, and told me who were the ones to watch. We met with the VP of Communication for Coastal Credit Union, Joe Mecca, who escorted us into the game for our VIP experience. 


When we got into the soccer stadium we were greeted by a stadium rep who stayed with us throughout the evening. We started by being escorted onto the field sideline to meet the starting 11 and take a picture with the team before the game. That was such an honor and a picture we will be able to tell Caroline about for years! There are so many awesome players on the team right now, we could not have been more excited to get a picture with everyone all together. 


After getting the group shot we were taken to the on-field VIP seating area. I hope you can tell from my pictures just how awesome these seats were.You could practically reach out and touch the players when they were on our side of the field. They were perfect seats. I also liked that Caroline was able to be closed in so when she wasn't watching the game and wanted to do something else, she wasn't able to go far. But she loved standing up in her stroller (which I had anchored to the ground with bags and my foot) and cheering on the team. 


The VIP experience included a signed team jersey by all the players (SO AWESOME) and food and drink vouchers. Our seating area had a waiter who took your food and drink order and delivered it to you. We really didn't have any reason to leave our seats and have to miss any minutes of the match unless we had to go to the bathroom.


Right before halftime we also had special on-screen time on the stadium screen which was so fun! They called out our names and had us stand up for the big screen. The halftime activity was so cute and was put on by Coastal Credit Union. They had two teams working together to roll a gigantic soccer ball down the field and back. It was kids of all ages and Caroline was yelling at laughing "go! go! go!" the whole time.


If you haven't watched them yet, I have a NC FUN highlight in my Instagram Stories so you can see our awesome experience for yourself!

We ordered our food during the second half and enjoyed, burgers, nachos, BBQ sandwiches and drinks. I have never been to a game where I was waited on so I felt very spoiled. The seats were so amazing that Caroline paid attention to the game a lot more than I expected her to. Although this was my first time going to an NC Courage match, I had watched them on TV in the past and I am so glad that Caroline will have a local professional team to look up to as she grows up. We hope she grows to love soccer like her parents do, and I am so thankful the triangle brought this team to our area. She was so excited when the players would run by, and when you watch my stories, you can see how much fun she had running around on the field after the game was over. 


The game ended and Courage beat Sky Blue 3-2. Our stadium guide took us down to the sidelines to have a special meet and greet with the individual players for pictures and autographs. We got shots with Jessica McDonald, Heather O'Reilly, and a few others. When we were finishing up, Caroline chased after Head Coach Paul Riley who so graciously got in a picture with us (see stories for the run down :) ). I was such an honor to be able to meet and take pictures with these rockstars, especially since some of these women play for the Women's National Team! 


 Overall we had such an amazing evening and just want to say thank you so much to Coastal Credit Union and NC Blogger Network for this experience. It is one I soon won't forget. We will be coming back to watch more NC Courage games soon, and as Caroline grows up I hope she stays inspired by these awesome women!


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