Valentine's Day Crafts for Baby

Tuesday, February 12, 2019



These kid's crafts were sooo adorable I HAD to share but can't take the credit because Caroline brought these home for Morgan and I from her nanny, Jen Napoli, and I thought they were the cutest, sweetest little things that I will most certainly be keeping forever! It's so simple but so precious at the same time. The banner is Caroline's current full arm's length and the little sign are her precious little feet and hand print <3. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the love sign after reading about the sweet banner!


Baby's First Valentine's Day Banner


Here's the materials you will need:

- Construction paper

- Marker

- Pencil

- Scissors (best of they are small, fine scissors)

- Cute String

- Low Temp Hot Glue

- Extra decorative elements, ie. jewels, heart stickers etc..


Here's what to do:

- First, get the construction paper in the color you wish to make the hands, and a pencil. Place one baby hand on construction paper and trace. (You want to do one at a time because you will have to use one of your hands to spread the baby fingers out.) Trace second hand

- Cut hands out of paper

- Cut banner triangles from construction paper color of choice

- Decorate banner triangles with Valentine's Day message:

    1st: I

    2nd: Love You

    3rd: This Much

- Decorate one hand with the word Mommy in the middle, and the other with Daddy

- Take string and measure baby's full arms reach from middle of palm on one hand to middle of palm to the other. 

- Use hot glue to piece everything together and let dry


And that's it! So simple yet so adorable and makes me teary eyed to think about how small that reach will be compared to her arms next year! It was a task getting these pictures though because she just wanted to squish or eat the hands everytime I held it up for her.

Each year you can make one and compare growth. It's so exciting for the kiddos and sweet for parents. :)

Thank you Jen for such a beautiful little gift and the inspiration to start something new each year!


Happy Crafting!







 This was also a super cute idea done by Jen and Caroline that I love! Like I said, I am a sentimental fool, and her hands and feet will only be this little once so having these as little reminders of her baby days are so precious! Thank you again Jen for the sweet gifts and inspiration!!








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