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Tuesday, October 3, 2017



My 30th Birthday is coming up and I've teamed up with BasicInvite.com to show off some of my favorite party invites and cards to get ready for the occasion! They have beautiful product and great quality too. I know since it will be the big 3-0 I want it to be girly and I am obsessed with predominantly black invitations. Not sure why, they just feel more fancy. So I played around with some different styles on invites and landed on two I really loved!


One major thing I noticed right away about this company's website is how everything happens on demand, meaning whatever color of the rainbow you desire they have and it reflects on the invite mockup instantly for you when you choose it! I have used a couple of different sites that for certain styles only offered certain colors, but that was not the case for BasicInvite.com. I am someone who needs that instant gratification because sometimes that will make or break my decision for purchasing an item. I was able to customize the details down to the littlest leaf on the invite to exactly how I imagined. They also offer the ability to have your customized invite sent to you to sample so you are totally happy with the outcome. How awesome is that? If I could tell you guys how many invites I created for my wedding on different sites online but never pulled the trigger because I couldn't be absolutely sure that they were what I wanted, you'd be reading this all day because had I know about this site back then I definitely would have taken advantage of that. Knowing your product is exactly what you want before investing your budgeted party invite money is huge! Click here to create party invitations !


I was a little nervous about using photos on the invites because I didn't want it to come out blurry, less colorful, or cropped. Sometimes that has happened with other companies I've used and it's so disappointing when you get them and they're all wrong. But not with BasicInvite.com! I was happily surprised that the pictures and cards came out exactly how they looked when I ordered them online. They have everything from birthday celebration invitations and sweet 16 party invitations to wedding, showers, and so much more. If you have anything coming up in need of super cute invitations this is your place! Even down to the envelopes being thick and sturdy, you know the kind that makes you feel confident it won't get torn or ruined in the mail? Yeah, these envelopes are great and they have endless, amazing color choices to complete your invite's look! BasicInvite.com also offers free address collection service. Request your addresses with just three simple steps. share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing. It's so simple and how much time will that save you from handwriting all those addresses?? A LOT!


Right now BasicInvite.com is offering 15% off everything when you use the code: 15FF51 so make sure you use that when you place your orders! 


A,lthough this site has a wide range of invites to choose from I was also interested in getting some new stationary for SPP. Since the launch of Salty Pink Pineapple I have been wanting some beautiful stationary that would match along with the site to send to readers/subscribers and affiliates. BasicInvite.com has such a large selection of designs, colors, aesthetics etc. to choose from that I felt like I was in stationary heaven! From brochures, to business cards they have it all to promote your business and they definitely did not disappoint there either! Just check out their beautiful work for yourself! As I'm hoping you read on one of my recent blogs, one of my "Fall Bucket List" items is to send more hand written notes and letters to friends and family. This has definitely given me the boost of confidence to send my notes on the cutest stationary for SPP!


I''m so excited to get to use my new invites, but now is the hard part, choosing which design to go with!! Which do you think I should go with, the invite with the picture or the one without? I would love to hear from you!!


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